David O. Russell’s ‘Nailed’ has a new title and UK Release Scheduled

nailedI was just remarking the other day that the two unreleased films that I most want to see/have see the light of day are Dylan Kidd‘s Get a Job and David O. Russell‘s Nailed. Well, it looks like the latter is one step closer to a release, albeit only a U.K. one and with a new title. Yes, a report from earlier today has the film being retitled from Nailed to Politics of Love and picked up for distribution across the pond next year. Much like with Serena, that likely means there’s at least a limited domestic release also in the cards at some point in 2015. For those who don’t remember, this is a film that Russell shot a few years ago with Jessica Biel, Jake Gyllenhaal, and James Marsden. It’s a political satire about a women (Biel) who gets a nail embedded in her head the adventures she has when she goes to Washington D.C. and gets involved with a politician (Gyllenhaal). With both Gyllenhaal and Russell hot commodities these days, it was only a matter of time until someone capitalized on that. I doubt it’ll turn into a critically acclaimed gem like Margaret when it actually comes out, but anything is possible. When we have more official word on when this is coming stateside we’ll bring it to you, but in the meantime stay tuned for more on Politics of Love next year. Crummy new title aside, I’m very eager to hopefully see it in the near-ish future.


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