Matt Damon will star in Alexander Payne’s next film ‘Downsizing’

damonIt seems that Alexander Payne has pretty good luck when it comes to passion projects of sorts. It took him a few years to actually mount Nebraska, but once all was said and done there, he’d seen his film receive a half dozen Oscar nominations, with another Best Director citation from the Academy on his resume. As such, it’s probably not a huge surprise that his long gestating project Downsizing seems to be next in line for him. What’s more, reports have Matt Damon taking on the lead role in a movie about a down on his luck man who decides he can have a better life if he shrinks himself. It’s a social satire that once upon a time would have starred Paul Giamatti in the lead role, with Sacha Baron Cohen and Reese Witherspoon in supporting parts. Damon is a pretty good get for Payne, who’s directing and co-writing with frequent collaborator Jim Taylor. Damon is currently on screens in a crucial supporting part in Interstellar and next year will be in the similarly epic space tale The Martian. I’m really looking forward to that one, obviously, but seeing Damon and Payne team up is something that I’m going to be eager to see as well. When we know more about Downsizing we’ll certainly bring it to you, but this is one I’m sure we’re going to talk about a lot in the next year or so.

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