Miles Teller will star in Marc Webb’s ‘The Only Living Boy in New York’

milesteller1Back even before Marc Webb swung over (see what I did there?) to The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, he was coming off of the critically acclaimed (500) Days of Summer and had attached himself to the indie drama The Only Living Boy in New York. No, it’s not an adaptation of the Simon and Garfunkel song, but a film written by Allan Loeb about a son who find out his overbearing father is having an affair. He initially tries to stop it but winds up involved with the woman too. It’s not an outstandingly original idea, but with the right cast it could be pretty compelling. Well, reports have Miles Teller signing on the for the lead role, and that’s a huge get for the movie. Teller is on a strong role of late with Whiplash plus the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot and should be able to pretty much pick and choose his parts in the next year or so, so Webb and company might have gotten him at the perfect time. Webb might make this or a different project before diving back into Spidey’s world, but it looks like this is going to get made regardless (though Teller’s casting makes me think it’ll come first). Stay tuned for more on The Only Living Boy in New York when we have it. For now though, Teller is on board and that’s a very good thing. Count me in…


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