Final Predictions for the Golden Globes – Wide Open or Standard Frontrunners Time to Shine?

Golden Globe Awards

goldenglobesThe Hollywood Foreign Press Association is a fun group.  They get a lot of flack for being “star f*ckers” that have a history of going for performances like Johnny Depp in “The Tourist,” Johnny Depp in “Alice in Wonderland,” or Johnny Depp in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.”  This year, no Johnny Depp.  As a matter of fact, for the past three years or so, their nominees have been very respectable if not, very inspired.  This year, they offered up an eclectic mix of prestige, cool, and fun choices for audiences to indulge.

Unfortunately, anything that happens during Sunday is counterintuitive to the Oscar race.  Ballots were due yesterday, and the momentum following a shockingly awesome Clive Owen win or a hilarious Sacha Baron Cohen speech can’t impact the race much.  If anything, this will give “frontrunners” an opportunity to practice their speeches.  Last year Jared Leto gave the world a less than stellar speech at the Globes and was able to rectify it by SAG Awards time.  This year, I think we have a much wider open race (at least at the Globes).  

  • Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama
    Claire Danes – “Homeland”
    Viola Davis – “How to Get Away With Murder”
    Julianna Marguilles – “The Good Wife”
    Ruth Wilson – “The Affair”
    Robin Wright – “House of Cards”

PREDICTION: Robin Wright – “House of Cards”
ALTERNATE: Ruth Wilson – “The Affair”

Robin Wright’s episode submission for the Emmys may have spoiled her win against eventual winner Julianna Marguiles.  Good thing is that you don’t have to do that for the HFPA.  I think that may tip it in her favor.  Viola Davis may have also have some breathing room to hop in front as well, along with Ruth Wilson.

  • Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy
    “Jane the Virgin”
    “Orange is the New Black”
    “Silicon Valley”

PREDICTION: “Orange is the New Black” (Netflix)
ALTERNATE: “Jane the Virgin” (The CW)

Netflix’s amazing comedy series may have went home empty handed at the Emmys but I think the cultural zeitgeist and fandom may push it forward.  However, they love rewarding freshman shows which could give either “Transparent” or “Jane the Virgin” a surprise trophy.

  • Best Original Song, Motion Picture
    Big Eyes – “Big Eyes”
    Selma – “Glory”
    Noah – “Mercy Is”
    Annie – “Opportunity”
    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 – “Yellow Flicker Beat”

PREDICTION: Selma – “Glory”
ALTERNATE: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 – “Yellow Flicker Beat”

Rumor has it, and judging by its strong showing its true, that the HFPA LOVES “Selma.”  They may not want to give it in the top category but the song may be an appropriate place to reward the film along with John Legend and Common.  On the hand, won’t the teens just love to see Lorde and their favorite film win a Golden Globe?  Sure they will.

  • Best Original Score, Motion Picture
    The Imitation Game – Alexandre Desplat
    The Theory of Everything – Johann Johansson
    Gone Girl – Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
    Birdman – Antonio Sanchez
    Interstellar – Hans Zimmer

PREDICTION: Antonio Sanchez – “Birdman”
ALTERNATE: Alexandre Desplat – “The Imitation Game”

The story of Antonio Sanchez’s egregious disqualification may have got some of the members inspired enough to vote for him since he won’t be on the Oscar stage. The power of Harvey Weinstein has been pushing hard for “The Imitation Game” which would help in its run for the Oscars.

  • Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Mini-Series, or Motion Picture Made for Television
    Uzo Aduba – “Orange is the New Black”
    Kathy Bates – “American Horror Story: Freak Show”
    Joanne Frogatt – “Downton Abbey”
    Allison Janney – “Mom”
    Michelle Monaghan – “True Detective”

PREDICTION: Uzo Aduba – “Orange is the New Black”
ALTERNATE: Allison Janney – “Mom”

This is one of the easy calls of the night.  You can’t let Uzo Aduba go home empty handed.

  • Best Actress in a TV Series, Comedy or Musical
    Lena Dunham – “Girls”
    Edie Falco – “Nurse Jackie”
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus – “Veep”
    Gina Rodriguez – “Jane the Virgin”
    Taylor Schilling – “Orange is the New Black”

PREDICTION: Gina Rodriguez – “Jane the Virgin”
ALTERNATE: Taylor Schilling – “Orange is the New Black”

This is a tough one.  Any of those five ladies can feasibly win…well probably not Edie Falco.  I think the first year of hot girl Gina Rodriguez may BARELY edge out Taylor Schilling.

  • Best Screenplay, Motion Picture
    The Grand Budapest Hotel
    Gone Girl
    The Imitation Game

ALTERNATE: “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

This is the hardest category of the night.  Any of those five can win…and I really mean it.  I wouldn’t be shocked for not a one.  I’m going with Gillian Flynn since the film did make an impressive showing and she’s been the most high-profile writer of the awards season.

  • Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Mini-Series, or Motion Picture Made for Television
    Matt Bomer – “The Normal Heart”
    Alan Cumming – “The Good Wife”
    Colin Hanks – “Fargo”
    Bill Murray – “Olive Kitteridge”
    Jon Voight – “Ray Donovan”

PREDICTION: Bill Murray – “Olive Kitteridge”
ALTERNATE: Matt Bomer – “The Normal Heart”

Matt Bomer is probably the crowd favorite but with a film nomination on the same night, and a year that has highlighted his stunning career, I think Bill Murray will emerge victorious.

  • Best Actor, TV Series Comedy or Musical
    Louie C.K. – “Louie”
    Don Cheadle – “House of Lies”
    Ricky Gervais – “Derek”
    William H. Macy – “Shameless”
    Jeffrey Tambor – “Transparent”

PREDICTION: Jeffrey Tambor – “Transparent”
ALTERNATE: Ricky Gervais – “Derek”

This is another easy call it seems.  Despite getting great reviews for “Derek,” Ricky Gervais will sit on the sidelines to make way for Jeffrey Tambor.

  • Best Foreign Language Film
    Force Majeure (Sweden)
    Ida (Poland)
    Gett, the Trial of Viviane Amsalem (Israel)
    Leviathan (Russia)
    Tangerine (Georgia)

ALTERNATE: “Leviathan”

Critics have embraced “Ida” but something about “Leviathan’s” charm casts a spell over those who see it.  Tough call but I’m going with Poland’s intimate story about a Jewish nun and her journey.

  • Best Mini-Series of Motion Picture Made for Television
    The Missing
    The Normal Heart
    Olive Kitteridge
    True Detective

ALTERNATE: “True Detective”

Many of the Mini-Series/TV Movies have something going for them but I think this is clearly between FX’s “Fargo” and HBO’s “True Detective.” “The Normal Heart” has love as well but I think the Coen Brothers will find their way to the stage.

  • Best Animated Feature Film
    Big Hero 6
    The Book of Life
    The Boxtrolls
    How to Train Your Dragon 2
    The LEGO Movie

PREDICTION: “Big Hero 6”

This is one of my ballsy calls of the night.  “The LEGO Movie” has a lot going for it, and its probably our winner but something about it screams too American for this group.  I think the international feel and spunk of “Big Hero 6” (also a hefty Disney backing) will sway the HFPA.

  • Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama
    Clive Owen – “The Knick”
    Liev Schreiber – “Ray Donovan”
    Kevin Spacey – “House of Cards”
    James Spader – “The Blacklist”
    Dominic West – “The Affair”

PREDICTION: Clive Owen – “The Knick”
ALTERNATE: Dominic West – “The Affair”

The group really likes Clive Owen and “The Knick” is well liked.  Many feel that Kevin Spacey is set up for a win but after a lukewarm reception to the second season, his chance may have passed.

  • Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy
    Ralph Fiennes – “The Grand Budapest Hotel”
    Michael Keaton – “Birdman”
    Bill Murray – “St. Vincent”
    Joaquin Phoenix – “Inherent Vice”
    Christoph Waltz – “Big Eyes”

PREDICTION: Michael Keaton – “Birdman”
ALTERNATE: Ralph Fiennes – “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

This is Keaton’s to lose (as is the Oscar).  I don’t think it’s a runaway as some may think though.  Ralph Fiennes’ incredible work is beloved by many, and the Globes have liked him for many years with many nominations.  He could upset.  Too scared to make it though.

  • Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture
    Robert Duvall – “The Judge”
    Ethan Hawke – “Boyhood”
    Edward Norton – “Birdman”
    Mark Ruffalo – “Foxcatcher”
    J.K. Simmons – “Whiplash”

PREDICTION: J.K. Simmons – “Whiplash”
ALTERNATE: Edward Norton – “Birdman”

Probably the one true lock of the night.  I do keep coming back to Norton and think he has a fighting chance.  He may just miss out in the end.

  • Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama
    Jennifer Aniston – “Cake”
    Felicity Jones – “The Theory of Everything”
    Julianne Moore – “Still Alice”
    Rosamund Pike – “Gone Girl”
    Reese Witherspoon – “Wild”

PREDICTION: Julianne Moore – “Still Alice”
ALTERNATE: Jennifer Aniston – “Cake”

Julianne Moore really needs this to be taken seriously as the true frontrunner because Jennifer Aniston is coming on strong.  I wouldn’t blink if Aniston edged her out with the HFPA.

  • Best Actor in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television
    Martin Freeman – “Fargo”
    Woody Harrelson – “True Detective”
    Matthew McConaughey – “True Detective”
    Mark Ruffalo – “The Normal Heart”
    Billy Bob Thornton – “Fargo”

PREDICTION: Matthew McConaughey – “True Detective”
ALTERNATE: Billy Bob Thornton – “Fargo”

The McConaissance continues with the HFPA.  Ain’t no way they’re passing him up (unless it’s actually over), which in case Thornton wins.

  • Best TV Series, Drama
    The Affair
    Downton Abbey
    Game of Thrones
    The Good Wife
    House of Cards

PREDICTION: “The Affair”
ALTERNATE: “Downton Abbey”

I can’t come up with any solid reason why any of the four win except for “The Affair.”  An acclaimed show, well-liked, with many nominations, and another freshman show that the HFPA typically do.

  • Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture
    Patricia Arquette – “Boyhood”
    Jessica Chastain – “A Most Violent Year”
    Keira Knightley – “The Imitation Game”
    Emma Stone – “Birdman”
    Meryl Streep – “Into the Woods”

PREDICTION: Patricia Arquette – “Boyhood”
ALTERNATE: Emma Stone – “Birdman”

I think this is a very clear race between Patricia Arquette and Emma Stone.  When I think of Stone winning, I think back to Natalie Portman beating eventual Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett in 2004.  I do think after three prior nominations for her work TV’s “Medium,” Arquette may just pass Stone.  But on the other hand…eh, I have no idea.

  • Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy
    Amy Adams – “Big Eyes”
    Emily Blunt – “Into the Woods”
    Helen Mirren – “The Hundred Foot Journey”
    Julianne Moore – “Map to the Stars”
    Quvenzhane Wallis – “Annie”

PREDICTION: Emily Blunt – “Into the Woods”
ALTERNATE: Amy Adams – “Big Eyes”

This is close.  With many prior nominations under her belt, and the fact that Amy Adams just won last year, I think Emily Blunt finally gets her moment on stage.

  • Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy
    The Grand Budapest Hotel
    Into the Woods
    St. Vincent

ALTERNATE: “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

It’s pretty clear that its “Birdman” but “The Grand Budapest Hotel” or even “Into the Woods” could upset in a shocker.  I don’t think they will though.

  • Best Actress in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television
    Maggie Gyllenhaal – “The Honorable Woman”
    Jessica Lange – “American Horror Story: Freak Show”
    Frances McDormand – “Olive Kitteridge”
    Frances O’Connor – “The Missing”
    Alison Tolman – “Fargo”

PREDICTION: Maggie Gyllenhaal – “The Honorable Woman”
ALTERNATE: Frances McDormand – “Olive Kitteridge”

Gyllenhaal has the critics behind her, and I think the British story could get many of them excited.  They could go typical for Jessica Lange as well but I think its Frances McDormand that gives her a run for the money.

  • Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama
    Steve Carell – “Foxcatcher”
    Benedict Cumberbatch – “The Imitation Game”
    Jake Gyllenhaal – “Nightcrawler”
    David Oyelowo – “Selma”
    Eddie Redmayne – “The Theory of Everything”

PREDICTION: Eddie Redmayne – “The Theory of Everything”
ALTERNATE: David Oyelowo – “Selma”

There’s a huge part of me that wants to swap out Redmayne for Oyelowo.  Cumberbatch is very possible as well.  I think since “Selma” and “The Imitation Game” will win elsewhere, they don’t want “The Theory of Everything” to go home empty handed.

  • Best Director, Motion Picture
    Wes Anderson – “The Grand Budapest Hotel”
    Ava DuVernay – “Selma”
    David Fincher – “Gone Girl”
    Alejandro G. Inarritu – “Birdman”
    Richard Linklater – “Boyhood”

PREDICTION: Ava DuVernay – “Selma”
ALTERNATE: Alejandro G. Inarritu – “Birdman”

A comedy director hasn’t won the Globe since Robert Altman for “Gosford Park” and then you have to go back to the 1960’s for the one before that.  Again, with the strong word that “Selma” is loved within the HFPA, I think they very much want to be in the headlines rewarding the first African-American woman Best Director.

  • Best Motion Picture, Drama
    The Imitation Game
    The Theory of Everything

PREDICTION: “The Imitation Game”
ALTERNATE: “Boyhood”

This all depends.  Are they in an Oscar predicting mood? passion mood? or hypnotized by the Harvey train?  My guess, Harvey comes on top.

Include your predictions in the comment section.