Under the Circuit: Channing Tatum


Most Known For: “Step Up,” “21 Jump Street,” “Magic Mike”

Snubbed For: “Foxcatcher,” “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints”

Channing Tatum’s ascension into the Hollywood A-list is well documented, complete with it’s own film adaptation in the form of “Magic Mike,” but the speed of it is still surprising. Five years ago Tatum was best known for his roles in “Step Up,” now he is the star of popular comedy franchise “21 Jump Street,” has worked with major directors like Bennett Miller and Steven Soderbergh. Tatum has also become a favorite of the Academy, being a repeat presenter and also headlining the Oscar Experience for college students.

The one thing missing from Tatum’s resume right now is an Oscar nomination, but if this trend continues, that could change sooner rather than later.

437a4990242794aa_2006_a_guide_trys_003Tatum’s early career is headlined by the likes of “Step Up” and “Supercross” but there were early signs that he was more than a pretty face. The biggest example is the indie “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.” The 2006 crime drama featured a stellar cast that was rewarded a Special Jury Prize for the ensemble from Sundance, but Channing Tatum was singled out by the Spirit Awards for Best Supporting Actor. “Saints” garnered just a little over $500,000, so despite a strong performance from Tatum, out of sight was out of mind for most movie fans.

But soon enough Tatum would be to present to ignore. Combined with the more mainstream efforts like “She’s the Man,” “G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra” and “The Dilemma,” Tatum would start building his reputation amongst world class filmmakers by working with the likes of Michael Mann and most importantly Steven Soderbergh.

From 2011 to 2013 Tatum and Soderbergh combined to work together on three films, “Haywire,” “Side Effects” and “Magic Mike.” Each showed a seriousness and talent that many didn’t realize Tatum possessed, with the latter being one of the surprises of 2012 and Tatum a major part of that.ap-film-review-magic-mike

All of this led into 2014 when Tatum gave the best performance of his career in “Foxcatcher.” Starring as Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz, Tatum was sensational. From his body language, to playing off of his co-stars Mark Ruffalo and Steve Carell, Tatum crafts a powerful performance as a wrestler struggling to create his own legacy. Ruffalo and Carell would both be nominated by the Academy for their work in the film and no one can argue that (though you could perhaps argue Carell’s placement), but Tatum was worthy of a spot in the field of five, but again that was just the kind of year 2014 was.

Tatum is one of the biggest movie stars in the world right now. He’s starred in big blockbusters like “21” and “22 Jump Street,” “White House Down” and “The Lego Movie.” “He’s about to join the super hero world by playing popular “X-Men” Gambit in his own stand alone film and as part of “X-Men: Apocalypse.” Top that off with his future collaborations with the likes of Quentin Tarantino in “Hateful Eight” and the Coen brothers with “Hail, Caesar!” He even is branching off as a writer, taking script duties on the “Magic Mike” sequel, “Magic Mike XXL.” Plus he had one of the best cameos in years with “This is the End.”

Channing Tatum’s star is sky-rocketing, as is his talent. He will be a fixture for a long time to come and all signs point that he will have many more opportunities to finally earn an Oscar nomination. After the amazing progress he has made in his first ten years in the industry, it’d be foolish to think that he won’t earn a nomination sooner or later, he may even win one.

The start of Tatum’s busy 2015 begins this Friday as he will star in the sci-fi epic “Jupiter Ascending.”