Girls Recap: S4 Ep4 “Cubbies”


TV Recap: The episode begins with Shoshana still job hunting, this time seated in a large conference room with an employer who has just told her she doesn’t have “it” – whatever that means. But that’s too vague for the analytical, meticulous Shoshana to walk away with. She stages a sit-in protest and asks what she did wrong in which she receives a myriad of reasons that include being too simplistic, off-putting and obtuse.

Afterwards, feeling deflated, she meets up with Marney and Jessa. Jessa tells Shoshana everything’s gonna be okay, because “all interviews are bullshit” and she should consider selling her organs. Marney plays for them her and Desi’s new song, which both girls distill down to the type of song you hate the first time you listen to it, but after hearing it on the radio too much, you’re forced to like it. A certified hit.

Hannah and Elijah are still hanging out. He appears to be crashing at her house, writing articles that are just pictures about, in his words, fat kids who become slutty adults. Hannah, on the other hand, hints that she’s having a hard time adjusting in Iowa and at school. After last week’s disastrous party scene where Hannah belittled all of her workshop classmates, she tries to make amends by placing apology letters in everyone’s cubbies. In her next class, everyone seems to be upset over this while some found it offensive. They ironically, though not surprisingly, start workshop-ing her apology, saying it wasn’t heartfelt and pointing out her run-on sentences. Her professor tries to get to the bottom of Hannah’s intentions and tells her academia isn’t for everyone. Hannah states she was happy for a moment, thinking she was going to get kicked out. She meets with her dad for dinner. He tells her she can leave if she wants, but Hannah feels trapped because of what everyone will say if she quits.

Back in New York, Shoshana runs into a screaming Ray upset about his noisy block and personally confronts angry honkers outside his apartment. They decide to go shopping together. While Shoshana helps Ray pick out shirts (“A shirt says who you are to the world,”) Shoshana decides to get something off her chest. She admits she was unkind, rude and it was her fault the relationship ended. She tells Ray he was a good boyfriend and she was scared of love, but, of course, also points out Ray’s flaws and tells him he was awful and “maybe even a tiny bit mentally ill.” Only friends can be this honest with each other.

Desi ends up showing up at Marney’s apartment in the middle of the night. He charges inside, upset about something and starts crying. He tells her he finally broke up with Clementine. But it’s not the ideal situation. He didn’t break up with her to be with Marney. Apparently, Clementine had also been promiscuous which prompted Desi to come clean. Marney isn’t stupid, she gets this. She knows he would have never left Clementine of his own accord. But she appears content now, regardless of how Desi ended up on her doorstep.

Hannah decides to come back home, whether it’s for good or just to visit – who knows? – and ends up in her and Adam’s old apartment. However, things aren’t right. She notices her couch and TV are gone. The biggest surprise is Mimi Rose – the newest tenant and Adam’s ostensible new girlfriend. Talk about a welcome home.