The Walking Dead Recap-Episode 509: What Happened and What’s Going On


the-walking-dead-episode-509Picking up within days of where the mid-season finale left off, this week’s episode starts with a series of flashes. Glimpses of things that don’t make sense. Two cars riddled with bullet holes. Photographs of twin boys. Someone digging in dirt. Father Gabriel officiating a funeral. A baby cries. Rick and Noah talk about Beth. Rick talks to the group about not having a place and Michonne says they’ll find a new place. Lizzie and Mika say it’s not so bad.

After the opening credits roll, the episode becomes more linear. Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Tyreese and Noah are in a Suburban driving down the highway. Rick radios to Carol that they’re only a few miles away. The group is heading to Noah’s hometown, outside of Richmond, Virginia. It’s the first time they’ve left Georgia in these five seasons.

The Suburban stops and Rick says they’ll go the rest of the way on foot. They see two cars riddled with bullet holes.

When they arrive at the gates of Noah’s town, there are no guards, and no one answers. Glenn climbs up on the gate and looks over the wall, then turns back to the group and shakes his head, defeated. Noah immediately launches himself over the wall and the rest of the group follow him. There are burned out houses, overgrown trees and yards and dead walkers. Noah collapses in tears.

Tyreese tries to comfort Noah and says, “I’m sorry. You’ll be with us now.”

Rick gets on the radio and tells Carol that the town is gone. He then talks to Glenn and says that after Dawn killed Beth, he (Rick) wanted to kill Dawn. It wasn’t about Beth. He then explains that Beth wanted to get Noah back home and that he did this for her.

Rick, Michonne, and Glenn go looking for supplies. Michonne finds a “clean shirt” in the form of a framed, autographed Yankees jersey. Glenn picks up an autographed baseball bat.

Tyreese explains to Noah that this isn’t the end and tells a little of his story, about how he wanted to die but that because he chose to live, he was there when Judith needed him and that he was able to return her to her father.

Noah gets up and runs away. Tyreese follows him.

Glenn tells Rick that he would have shot Dawn, right or wrong. Michonne says, “We need to stop. We’ve been out there too long.”

Tyreese and Noah stop in front of a house that Noah quickly explains is his. Tyreese demands to go in first and unholsters a knife. Inside, they find a dead walker, presumably Noah’s mother. Noah covers her body with a blanket while Tyreese goes to investigate the rest of the house. He hears noises coming from one room and steps into another where he finds a dead boy laying on a bed. He sees pictures on the wall and understands that this is one of Noah’s brothers.

As he turns around, the other brother has appeared from nowhere and bites Tyreese on the arm. Noah kills the walker brother with a model airplane right through the eye. Then Noah tells Tyreese he’s running for help.

Now things get strange. The radio on the dresser starts broadcasting a news report from a British newscaster. Gareth’s dead brother appears to Tyreese and points out that if Tyreese had killed him, he wouldn’t have been able to tell Gareth where they were and the dominoes would have fallen differently. Bob shows up and says that’s wrong because things happen the way they’re supposed to. The Governor comes in and tells Tyreese that the bill has to be paid and that he has to earn his keep.

The radio crackles.

The Governor comes closer.

Mika and Lizzie tell Tyreese “It’s better now.”

The Governor says it’s not better and then turns into another walker that attacks Tyrese. He manages to fight this one off with another bite to the arm. Bleeding profusely, he weaves in and out of consciousness.

Back outside, Michonne has suggestions for how to fortify the walls and make the town inhabitable for their group. At each suggestion, Rick has a reason why it won’t work. When she tries to show him how they can take down some of the trees around the perimeter and build up walls, they find the remains of walker bodies strewn all over the place. Bodies that have been cut in half. But only the bottom halves and a lot of arms remain.

Michonne then says they should go to Washington. Glenn objects because Eugene was lying, but Michonne insists that there’s a reason he thought of going to Washington in the first place. And since it’s only a hundred miles away, now is the best time to go.

Rick says, “We should go.”

They hear Noah screaming and run off to find him being attacked by walkers. They kill them and rescue Noah, who explains that Tyreese has been bitten and they run back to Noah’s house to help him.

But Tyreese is still floating between conscious and not. The radio crackles. Beth plays a guitar and sings a song. Judith cries. He sees images in flashes. Lizzie and Mika are still there. Beth says, “It’s okay, Tyreese. You should know that now.” Bob tells him it’s okay. Gareth’s brother laughs at him. The Governor taunts him about forgiving Carol. Tyreese says, “I know what happened and what’s going on.” Then he explains why that he forgave Carol because it’s not over. He shouts that he’s not giving up.

Lizzie and Mika start gently pulling on Tyreese’s arm, and then suddenly it’s Rick yelling at Glenn to “cut it clean!”

Wrapped in a blanket, they rush Tyreese to the gates of town, take out a few walkers, and rush back to the Suburban, some two miles away. Lizzie and Mika and Beth and Bob are still talking to Tyreese as Rick and Glenn and Michonne and Noah get him back to the car and radio Carol, directing her to get Sasha and Carl away so that they don’t see Tyreese.

But the Suburban is stuck and Rick guns in, accidentally smashing into one of the bullet-riddled vehicles and unwittingly opening the tailgate. Out fly a bunch of walkers…the top halves of walkers, and they’re missing arms.

Tyreese asks them to turn off the radio. Beth is driving and tells Tyreese it’s okay. Lizzie and Mika chime in and Bob smiles.

The Suburban pulls to a stop and everyone gets out, devastated.

The funeral from the beginning was for Tyreese. The shovels full of dirt were for Tyreese’s grave.

So there you have it. What did you think? Did you like it? Was it time for Tyreese to go, or did he still have some story left?