Girls Recap Season 4, Episode 6 – “Close-Up”


For those who managed to squeeze in last night’s revealing episode of “Girls” despite the interminable Oscar® ceremony, you got to see some really amazing developments between some of the characters.

In “Close-Up,” we see Adam and his new girlfriend, Mimi Rose Howard, or as she’s known to Hannah, “a woman’s name with a man’s name with a flower’s name in the middle” (personally, I liked Shosh’s nickname: some rando hussie!) In an opening montage, we see them wake up together in Mimi Rose’s apartment, he gets up to cook for her – can’t remember the last time he did that for Hannah.

Hannah, meanwhile, is still at her and Adam’s old apartment. Back from college, she doesn’t know what to do with her life now that she’s not enrolled in school, has no job and no boyfriend to take care of her. Instead she takes out her frustration by bickering with ex-boyfriend Elija over an unforgivable calamity – he finished her Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, leaving Elija scratching not just his balls over her paroxysm.

Marney and Desi are still together – for now. Their debut scene in this episode is to them grinding on each other against Marney’s apartment wall to the crooning ballad of, yup, you guessed it! – their own song “Close-Up.” It seems like both their libidos and egos are getting off. But their…um, lovemaking? soon comes to an end when they disagree over which songs they should feature in a showcase, which leads to an argument over what type of artists they are. Marney thinks they’re like “Him and Her” and make love songs. Desi thinks they’re more modern-American folk. She complains she’s always writing the songs and he’s just tinkering with his bike. “It’s my main mode of transportation!” he retorts.

Shoshana is still looking for a job. She ends up at an interview for Madame Tinsley’s Instant Soups where they sell high-end Japanese perfume. Just kidding! They sell boring packages of soup. Shosh puts out an aloof disposition during her interview, because soup, and her interviewer notices this. He questions her job experience and she asks “why would you wanna sell old rice that smells like badussy?” (a clever portmanteau of butt, d*** and p****). She, of course, ends up not getting the job but does score a date with her interviewer Scott, the old rice mogul.

Ray is still upset over the noise level in his neighborhood and decides to take action. He goes to a town meeting to voice his opinion. However, after a very long and tiring waiting period for his turn to speak, the town chairpersons decide to end the meeting short and pick up again next week. This doesn’t sit well with the usually cool Ray, who jumps up and demands he be listened to. “I take umbrage! Shame on you people!” The meeting, however, takes an interesting turn when, instead of galvanizing his audience, the chairpersons begin arguing and airing their dirty laundry. Ray decides to take matters into his own hand. In one of the last scenes in the episode, we see him put together a flier with the words Community Board Chairperson and a picture of his face.

In one of the most shocking revelations this season, Mimi Rose discloses to Adam that she recently had an abortion. Adam does not take this well. He’s angry that she didn’t tell him. He wanted to be part of the decision process of what they should have done – the baby, in question, being, of course, Adam’s. He asks her how many abortions she’s had. She refuses to answer that. She says she wasn’t ready to have a baby. Later, Mimi Rose claims that she doesn’t need Adam, but she does want him and wanting is better than needing someone. They stay together in her apartment and Adam seems more attentive to his new girlfriend.

Hannah decides to go back to therapy. Her somewhat quack of a therapist suggests that maybe she likes helping people. Hannah agrees and decides she wants to look for a job where she helps people. When she shares this with the rest of the gang, they question her sanity saying she’s incredibly selfish. They begin suggesting suitable careers, (“girl who gets killed in a Lifetime movie,” states Elija.) Hannah decides to be a teacher. At the end of the episode, we see Hannah, resume in hand, walk to St. Justine’s School in New York. Just yesterday she was in grad school. Now she’s going back to high school to teach. I don’t know if this is a step forward or backward.