‘Girls’ Recap; Season 4 Episode 9: “Daddy Issues”


Although some of us may have already been privy to that big reveal in last week’s episode, Hannah is still trying to organize her thoughts after her father, Tad, came out as gay.

In this episode, “Daddy Issues,” we see Jessa get her wish by finally hooking up with Mimi-Rose’s ex, Ace – played by a weirdly creepy Zachary Quinto. In this scene, he appears to get turned on by the thought of Jessa’s room resembling a Tiffany music video.

Hannah and her dad meet up for breakfast in town to make sure things are still square between them. She tells him she’s proud of him but laments in the fact that she joins the horde of statistics of children with divorced parents. Tad, on the other hand, assures Hannah that divorce is not, at the moment, on the table. Tad says he and Hannah’s mother are going to try to stay together. Weird. They have a little argument in which Tad calls Hannah a child. “I bet you didn’t even bring your wallet,” he tells her. She didn’t.

At work, Hannah runs into Cleo (Maude Apatow) who greets her,” ‘sup whorebeth!” Hannah inquires as to why her under-age friend isn’t texting her back at a time when she’s going through “cosmic heavy stuff.” They exchange some not school appropriate words, which lands Hannah in an eavesdropping Principal Toby’s office. He starts off by telling Hannah how great of a sub she’s been, getting the kids excited about learning. However, he explains she needs to work on her boundaries – which I think is a better title for this episode, as you’ll see. Learning that Hannah’s dad is gay is not something he nor anybody else at school, he assures her, is something they should know. “You’re not a kid anymore,” he tells her. She seems to be hearing a lot of that lately.

After Hannah gets the day off work, she decides to spend it drinking in the middle of the day with Elijah. “Told ya so,” he tells Hannah, talking about her dad’s coming out. Later on, Hannah calls her mom, who is still taking the news pretty bad, saying she can’t offer Hannah advice because her life isn’t that well put together at the moment. “What do I know about life?” she tells a worried Hannah over the phone.

Ace and Jessa decide to go out. However, Ace has a different plan, when he purposefully stops by Mimi-Rose’s place to say hello before dinner. A suspicious Adam opens the door, only obligatorily welcoming them inside. When Mimi-Rose sees them, she welcomes them to stay for dinner, despite Adam and a now-aware-of-what’s-going-on Jessa. Adam is right to have his guard up. It was only a few episodes ago that he was in a cab with Ace when he told him he was still in love with Mimi-Rose and would do anything to get her back. After dinner, Mimi-Rose, because she’s Mimi-Rose, confronts the jealousy at the table and wants to talk about it. Adam is quick to voice his disdain for Ace and Jessa wants to leave. Mimi-Rose says she picks neither Ace nor Adam, so the latter and Jessa leave together to go to Ray’s election party that same night – but not before Jessa calls out everyone for being full of shit and Mimi-Rose will probably make shitty art about it.

Marney and Desi show up to Ray’s election party, where he’s been named the new Chairperson, replacing Ted Duffield (Marc Maron). Right before they go inside, Marney asks Desi not to tell anyone about their engagement. This lasts for about two seconds, because as soon as she sees Ray, she shows him the bling. He grinds his teeth and tells her this was “the right move at the right time.” He’s gearing up to be a great politician so far.

Back at Hannah’s apartment, she’s shocked when Elijah and her dad return from shopping. She’s still not ready to accept all the changes that accompany her father being gay. He tells her it’s okay to feel confused. Hannah decides to ask him if he’s been with a man before. He says yes, in college. She wonders what the future holds with her dad. “A lot of anal,” chirps Elijah. She decides to regurgitate what principal Toby told her earlier by declaring there needs to be some boundaries between them. She’s happy for her dad, but doesn’t need to know about his sex life.

At the election party, Ray gives a speech, thanking everyone for their support, saying the community is at it’s best when everyone is together. He spends most of his speech looking directly at Marney, pretending Desi doesn’t notice his surreptitious message for his fiance: I will always be here when you need me. “Whatever, dickhead,” an ousted Ted mutters from the back of the room.

Hannah eventually shows up to the party. Marney soon interrupts the festivities to announce her engagement. People cheer and clap. Not Ray, though, who’s sitting next to Hannah. He’s faking it, he tells her. Unfazed, Hannah tells him she’s faking everything.