Check Out the Trailer for the John Green adaptation ‘Paper Towns’

75Fans of author John Green seemed to be pretty pleased with how The Fault in Our Stars turned out last year (I’d never read his books and loved that film, for what it’s worth), and 2015 will bring another Green adaptation to the screens. No, it’s not Looking for Alaska, which is probably at least a year off, but it’s got the same screenwriters in the immensely talented Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. Yes, it’s Paper Towns, which brings Fault co-star Nat Wolff along for the ride, this time in the lead role (he’s not the same character though, in case you were wondering). Judging by the Trailer that dropped, this seems to be a slightly more upbeat teen romance, with a bit of a mystery thrown in for good measure. Co-starring with Wolff is Cara Delevingne, while Jake Schreier of Robot & Frank fame directs. I think the Trailer is pretty solid and am looking forward to this one (especially considering my fondness for the work of Neustadter and Weber), which hits this summer. Take a gander below and stay tuned for more on Paper Towns when its July 24th release date gets closer…

Here’s the Trailer:

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