Jonathan Nolan Reveals Original Ending to ‘Interstellar’


tumblr_nfgnwl5fEx1s0kl5zo1_500Spoilers to come, obviously, but with Interstellar a week and change away from hitting Blu-Ray and DVD as its final resting place, some of the folks behind it are making the rounds to talk about Christopher Nolan‘s science fiction epic and some interesting details have spilled forth. In particular, this rundown of an event held with co-writer Jonathan Nolan (as well as science advisor on the film Kip Thorne) revealed a juicy detail that many were not aware of. Apparently, Jonah (as he’s called) had a different ending planned for the movie, one that potentially would have been for the Steven Spielberg directed version of the flick. I won’t spoil what it is here, but I find it interesting to note the difference between the one that might have been in a Spielberg helmed Interstellar as opposed to the one his brother ended up making. It’s an interesting read for sure, and stay tuned for more on Interstellar from me on the 31st of this month, when it will surely highlight my weekly DVD column as the featured pick of the day.  As such, Interstellar is a must own Blu-Ray in my eyes, that’s for sure…


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