Disney is planning to make a Live-Action ‘Mulan’


2c587d7d6263bba7b5bfa14373b69674f4c6a973Well, you’ve basically asked for this folks…Disney is more or less going down the line planning live action remakes of their animated classics after the success of Cinderella this year, Maleficent last year, and Alice in Wonderland a few years back. Next up, according to reports, is Mulan, which honestly isn’t the worst choice they could make. The story does lend to a big of an epic feel, which hopefully just doesn’t turn into something dull like Snow White and the Huntsman. Scribes Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek have a script that Disney bought, so things are moving forward even now. We still have a sequel to Alice in Wonderland (called Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass, in case you were curious) on the way, as well as live action takes on Beauty and the Beast, along with Dumbo and The Jungle Book, so this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Hopefully an interesting filmmaker can take the reigns here and not make this just a cash grab. We’ll see what happens, but for now, just stay tuned for more on all of these live action remakes. I’ve yet to dig on any of them, but eventually they’ll win me over…perhaps even with Mulan. Anyway, sit tight while this one begins to get its act together over the next couple of years…


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