First Images from Kenneth Lonegan’s ‘Manchester-by-the-Sea’ starring Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams

MBTS_2711[1]As I start tinkering more and more often with my super early Oscar predictions, it becomes a game essentially of trying to figure out which below the radar titles could have a big impact. The past few days at the Cannes Film Festival have already established that Carol should be a player, while Irrational Man is a longer shot for anything and The Sea of Trees is likely out of it completely, but it’s the films that no one is thinking about right now that we should be paying heed to. As such, my mind was sparked when the first images from Kenneth Lonergan‘s new film Manchester-by-the-Sea hit the web, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. You can see the images above and below, but more importantly, this is a subtle reminder that the Academy could certainly have this as an option. They snubbed Lonergan’s last movie Margaret (a near masterpiece, in my humble opinion), but they might go for this one. It sounds closer to You Can Count On Me, following Casey Affleck as a plumber who returns to his hometown in Boston to deal with his estranged wife, a death in the family, and bonding with his teenaged nephew. Michelle Williams plays his ex, while the cast also includes Kyle Chandler, Gretchen Mol, and more. Stay tuned for more on Manchester-by-the-Sea, which has completed filming and could very well show up on the fall festival circuit once it sells at the Cannes market.

Here are the other images for the film:



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