Welcome to the NEW AwardsCircuit.com

AwardsCircuitcom_filreel_transparentAfter a week and a half of sitting in layout limbo, I am proud to present the newly revamped and branded, AwardsCircuit.com.

In our seven years of inception, we have moved with the times of HTML, to blogging, to WordPress, to shared servers, and so forth.  Finally growing too big to contain ourselves, AwardsCircuit.com has made some integral changes to ensure the best user experience, as well as the ability to bring you the latest news 24 hours a day.

ms-icon-310x310The biggest thing was the creation of our new logo, fully equipped with our custom ACCA statue.  For years, the Awards Circuit Community Awards has been the pinnacle of the site’s uniqueness, which invites lovers of film and television to join together.  I felt it only appropriate to give ACCA its proper face.   From this day forth, the ACCA statue will symbolize not only the popular section where readers vote on all the film years, but as recognition to any performer, craftsman, and filmmaker that is lucky enough to be cited by our esteemed readership.  Best part is we have one for Film and the other for TV (as you can see below).

The next logical step was to create and environment that can withstand all the different readers from all areas of the world.  Switching from a virtual private server, AwardsCircuit.com is now set up with its own dedicated server that will be able to accommodate all the entertainment lovers as they visit all year long.  The site should operate faster, and make for an easy user experience for all to enjoy.

Finally is the new layout of the site.  A custom creation by an esteemed and talented designer named Alex of Apex Island, the site now sits on a bed of different sections and opportunities for you not to miss the latest in entertainment news.  There will be a newsletter coming in the next few days for you to sign up to receive the latest posts as well as some other tweaks along the way including a Forum.

I hope you take a look around and enjoy the newest (and hopefully last) update to AwardsCircuit.com!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Awards Circuit TV Logo
Awards Circuit TV Logo