WATCH: First Trailer for Oren Moverman’s ‘Time Out of Mind’ starring Richard Gere

thumbnail_22163Back at last year’s New York Film Festival, I saw Oren Moverman‘s film Time Out of Mind and was very fond of what I saw, particularly from star Richard Gere, who absolutely shines playing a homeless man on the streets of New York City. In my near rave review (found here), I wrote:

“Richard Gere gives what I feel to be the performance of his career so far in Oren Moverman‘s simple yet incredibly powerful Time Out of Mind. What begins as a character study of a homeless man becomes, by the time the end credits role, a reflection of us as a society, of the need and yearning to be acknowledged/heard in this world. Gere may be playing a man quite down on his luck with specific food and shelter problems in New York City, but the more emotional issues at hand are universal. Credit goes to Moverman and Gere for achieving this profound statement. Kudos also to Moverman for how he integrates the city, making it arguably a bigger character than the one Gere is playing.”

Well, in advance of an early September opening, IFC has debuted the first Trailer for Moverman’s flick (who directs and co-writes with Jeffrey Caine), and it should give you an idea what you’re in for. In addition to Gere, Jena Malone and Ben Vereen co-star, though this is truly Gere’s show. Last year, there was some thought that Gere could try to make a last minute push for a Best Actor nod at the Oscars, but this year will be his shot at that nom. Oscar might be a tough call for him, but he’s truly great. Take a look at the Trailer below and stay tuned for more on Time Out of Mind between now and the September 11th release date.

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