Emily Blunt Guns for Awards Attention in the First Trailer for ‘Sicario’


sicario.previewEvery single new thing I see from Denis Villenueve’s upcoming thriller Sicario just makes me want to see it worse and worse. As such, the release of a Trailer for the film has basically made me salivate with anticipation and an urge to see this one immediately. This looks so good, from the cinematography from legend Roger Deakins to the performances by Emily Blunt (who looks especially great and perhaps an Academy dark horse to keep in mind), Josh Brolin, and Benecio del Toro. Villenueve got my attention in a big way with Prisoners a few years ago, but this somehow looks like a big step up for him. Taylor Sheridan penned the screenplay for this one, which co-stars Jon Bernthal and Victor Garber, among others, and was very highly praised at the most recent Cannes Film Festival. You can see the Trailer below, and of course stay tuned for lots more on Sicario. It has an Oscar friendly release date of September 18th, so Blunt, Deakins, and the movie itself could very well be in contention for some awards. Sit tight, as I’m sure we’re not done with promotional material for Sicario. The next couple of months can’t go by fast enough.

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