Paul Thomas Anderson is writing ‘Pinocchio’ for Robert Downey Jr.

55943068fa1d030e0ac6afd6_robert-downey-paul-andersonNow here’s some pretty weird news. It’s odd enough that Robert Downey Jr. is of the mind that we need a new Pinocchio movie, but now he’s recruited someone pretty unexpected to join him in that endeavor. Reports have Paul Thomas Anderson coming aboard to write the film, with an eye towards potentially directing as well. The two are friends and rumors initially had Downey Jr. starring in Inherent Vice for Anderson, so it’s not completely out of the blue that they’d want to work together, but this? I think it’s safe to say that PTA doing a live action adaptation/remake of a children’s tale is not what you’d expect. That being said, this now has gotten a lot more intriguing than it originally was. If nothing else, perhaps this is what gets Anderson the money for his next less than commercial idea? If so, then it’s all worth it. We still don’t need this story told again (and Disney has their own version brewing, as this is a Warner Brothers flick), but the talent involved is hard to ignore. Stay tuned to see if PTA actually directs RDJ in this or just is penning the new script, but Pinocchio suddenly might not be the yawn worthy project that it was just a day or two ago…


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