Comic Con 2015: A&E’s ‘Damien’


DameinBarAve Satani! Those immortal words were penned by Jerry Goldsmith for The Omen and will once again gain relevance when A&E’s Damian premieres. The show brought out EP Glen Mazzara, and cast members Bradley James, Barbara Hershey, and Scott Wilson to talk about the new series.

What is the setting for the show?
This show is being viewed as the writers as the direct sequel to The Omen (meaning they’ve disregarded the actual Omen sequels). What’s perhaps most interesting is that Mazzara mentions that we meet Damien at age 30, the same age Jesus began his ministry. The show is set in New York City, but will have a global scope given Damien’s occupation and Vatican involvement.

Damien was originally supposed to be on Lifetime, but through the creative process they decided to put it behind Bates Motel on A&E. Still the Lifetime execs who were originally involved are still helping with the show.

Bradley James plays the title character and spoke at length about how excited he was to get to play the many facets of Damien. Damien is a war photographer in this show who is trying to sort of lock away his past, but Damien begins to put it together as the show goes on (no matter what he does things will always get worse). We will see both the nice and evil side of Damien. Barbara Hershey (!) plays a woman who has had a lot of influence on Damien, though she has been in the shadows for most of his life, and now she’s coming forward. Scott Wilson plays a New York power broker who has a connection to Damien’s parents.

Here’s the trailer