Comic Con 2015: MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles



One of the bigger network gambles coming this TV season is MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles, a big budget adaptation of the series written by Terry Brooks. The series set to premiere on MTV in January unveiled its first look at footage and brought the cast out at Comic Con

Big Budget on a Small Network?

Many will be wondering how a show/series like this would look and function on a network like MTV (which has many a, lets say interesting conversation with its creatives regarding budget), but the footage that they showed at the beginning of the panel looks really good. I was surprised that even the CGI elements look pretty strong and the show seems to have an epic scope that can rival most shows. Manu Bennett mentions that the same people who worked on Xena and The Lord of the Rings movies are the same people helping build the sets for this show.

Developmental Process

Terry Brooks has long been approached for the rights to his books, but the scope proved too long for traditional movie. Enter in the executive producers of Smallville and MTV, who have adapted the 2nd book into a 10 episode run. Brooks, for his part, has been very involved in the translation of the material.

The Cast
The cast for this show is very pretty (an MTV standard naturally) but during the panel and Q&A they explored the depth of their characters and what made them passionate about the part. Austin Butler said he saw a lot of himself in the character, and related to feeling like a fish out of water. Manu Bennett chimed in witha really poignant story about both he and Austin had lost their mothers and how working on the show has allowed them to both heal and bring real emotion. Ivana remarked that she was really excited to do the action scenes and play a character who starts off very selfish and turns selfless.

Synopsis: The series follows the Shannara family, whose members can tap into ancient magic to help reshape the world’s future. Eretria, a human raised by a group of thieves called The Rovers, rescues Wil from danger, becomes a part of Amberle’s journey to save the Four Lands.

Here’s the first trailer and some photos: