Comic Con 2015: Sense8

Sense8_MEX_11_04401r_B-720x480Netflix’s show Sense8 has quickly taken the world by storm, if the packed panel to hear EP J. Michael Straczynski was any indication. The show which follows 8 individuals who become mentally linked allowed for interesting topics to be explored in a science fiction show. While you can hear the entire audio below, here are some quick highlights.

-There’s no news on whether the show will be picked up for a second season, but we will find out within the next two weeks. For his part Straczynski said that him and the Wachowskis are not contemplating a plan B.

-One of the most impressive things about the show is its epic nature. Logistically the show is a beast to shoot, with every scene where the sense8s talk needing to be shot up to three times (actor 1 in home location, actors 1 and 2 in actor 1’s location, then actor 1 and 2 in actor 2’s locations). This proved an interesting challenge for the actors as the schedule was set up in such a way that when they were in a particular location, a specific actor would be in every scene (ex: Jamie Clayton is in every scene shot in San Francisco, Brian J. Smith is in every Chicago scene, etc.) The show was also shot entirely on location, which would not have been possible on a platform other than Netflix.

-Structurally this show isn’t like any TV show, and they wrote it as a 12 hour movie, with the first four episodes constituting Act One, the 2nd four as Act Two and the last four as Act 3.

-Tom Tykwer, who did such a beautiful job with Cloud Atlas’ score, actually wrote all the music for the show before they shot a single scene.

-Fans of Will should take some solace in a scene in the first episode where Angelica is searching for drugs. When Whispers finds her and remarks about how that’s how she’s been hiding…well…lets just say the fact a certain sense8 is a chemist might come into play soon.

-One cool piece of mythology is that they approached the show as if every human being that was born used to be a sense8 but through generations we’ve actually mutated into just regular human beings (think X-Men but if the mutants were the standard).

Here’s the full audio:

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