First Look at the Cast of Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters’ in Costume

0x4After the recent debut of the new Ecto-1 car a few days ago (which you can see in all its glory below), Paul Feig has again taken to Twitter in order to tease out his all female reboot of Ghostbusters. This time, he’s actually revealed the cast in their outfits, ready to bust some ghosts. As you can see above, they look pretty good, so while we’ll never replace the originals, there’s no reason why Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones can’t carve out their own distinct and enjoyable path. They lead this new Ghostbusters cast, which also includes Chris Hemsworth (in a gender swap as well, as he’ll be playing the male version of Janine), Andy Garcia, Michael Kenneth Williams, and others. The movie is still about a year out, so we’ll be getting more of this over the next 12 months, but I’m liking the little bits that I’ve seen so far. Stay tuned for more on Ghostbusters, which will be hitting theaters on July 22nd of 2016. Sit tight…


Here’s the Tweet from Feig:

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