True Detective Recap Season 4 Episode 5 “Other Lives”

landscape-1437363058-colinTwo months after the “Vinci massacre,” we find our three survivors – Ani, Ray and Paul – alive, but worse for the wear, some working odd jobs, with the uncertainty that Ledo and his Mexican gang were responsible for Caspere’s death.

With no time to mourn, Attorney General Geldof announces his candidacy for Governor. Something that many find too suspicious, given the timing of his announcement. Geldof declares Caspere’s death a closed case, blaming the Mexicans – only too convenient considering Ledo and his men are all dead.

Ray is doing security work at a casino owned by Frank and also collecting rent from the immigrant-occupied apartments we saw Frank visit in last week’s episode. His Lieutenant wants him to come back and work for Vinci PD again, but he has his reasons right now to stay close to Frank. His lieutenant also probes about Dixon, the other cop on the Caspere case who got shot in the head during the raid on Ledo’s ware house. Dixon, as we already knew, was taking photographs – we saw this when Paul and his “friend” we’re having an argument. Dixon was working for both sides of the law.

Ani obligatorily attends sexual harassment counseling and is demoted to inventory, and, most importantly, she’s smoking real cigarettes now. Meanwhile, Ray and Paul sort out their legal affairs in pre-court meetings. Gena takes Ray to court, where a judge orders supervised visits and a drug test. Considering he’s been clean for the past two months, the test should be no problem but his lawyer tells him it will get pricey. Ray goes to Frank and asks him for money for court fees. Frank agrees and gives him some more shifts at the Lux and asks him to tail his minion Blake and find out what he’s up to. Frank is on edge, he doesn’t trust anyone, especially after someone killed his man Stan and still hasn’t found out who did it. Paul, on the other hand, is being sued by the woman accusing him of getting her into bed to get out of a speeding ticket. He defends his innocence, but that doesn’t seem enough. The lawyers question his character, brining up Black Mountain and Pandhar Village, calling him a killer. Paul’s troubles only worsen in this episode. He tells his mom about Emily. She says he’s too young to start a family and settle down. They get into an argument when Paul’s $20,000 that he got from Afghanistan – it’s unsure if this money was stolen or awarded for his injuries – is gone. He tells his mom that he was going to use that money to start a family. His mother calls him out, stating she’s known about his sexuality – his “weirdness” she calls it – for years.

Frank is doing anything and everything right now to survive and keep him and Jordan afloat. She’s upset, not about the money, but about what Frank is becoming. She calls him a gangster and a pimp and knows about the girls he’s bringing into the poker room. He argues that he was “born drafted on the wrong side of a class war.” They have a heart to heart about children and who they really are. As it turns out, Jordan can’t have children, she’s had too many abortions when she was younger. She confronts Frank about his reticence over adoption, telling him it’s a projection of his own fears about not being loved as a kid. A surprisingly emotional Frank decides to go home early and spend the night with his wife.

Ani, despite her demotion and Caspere’s case being closed, decides to go with her gut and do her own rogue investigation. Both Ani and Ray refuse to believe the Mexicans killed Caspere and think the cops might have been in on it. Ani, Paul and Davis plan to go after Geldof and find Caspere’s real killer. Ray is hesitant at first, but Davis offers him a deal he can’t refuse: his son. Davis then drops a bomb shell revelation on Ray. She tells him they found his wife’s rapist – some serial rapist in Venice whose DNA matched the DNA in Gena’s kit. Ray killed the wrong man and it’s Frank’s fault.

Later, Ray pays a visit to Pitlor, the plastic surgeon/psychiatrist. He shows no mercy in trying to get this guy to talk. After a few nasty jabs, Pitlor talks. He says Tony, Chessani’s son, is a pimp with political aspirations. He and the mayor would compile blackmail on guests and that Caspere had footage of it. This explains the missing hard drive from the camera in the Hollywood home Ray was shot in. We know what’s on there: important, illustrious men having sex with Tony’s women. Who, though, still remains to be answered. I’m placing my bets now for Att. Gen. Geldof.

Ani tries to get her sister Athena to start “working” again. She agrees to reach out to the girls again to get Ani into a party so she could spy on Frank.

Paul goes to the jeweler’s with photos of blue diamonds that were supposed to be missing from Caspere’s safety deposit box. The jeweler tells him that another cop came by a few months back asking about the same diamonds. He hands Paul the cop’s card with Dixon’s name on it.

Ani and Paul decide to find the home of the missing girl who disappeared around the same time that Caspere died, the address, not coincidentally, showed up on Caspere’s GPS as a location he visited. They find the house locked and abandoned. Ani decides to follow a trail out back that leads them to a shed with an empty chair and blood stains smeared on the floor and walls, evidence of a struggle and possibly a murder. Possibly the missing girl’s murder.

Ray decides to confront Frank at his house about giving him the name of the wrong guy. What happens next is left for next week’s episode.