Circuit Community: Replacing A Nominee with YOUR Favorite Film of the Year!

jessejames_The community here at the Awards Circuit is very vocal about films and performances that fail to get cited by the Academy.  While most of our favorite films and performances have been passed over by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, plenty have gone on to either be financial and/or critical successes.  Not sure which one means more to the casual reader but we’ll never be able to make EVERYONE happy with a list of nominees.

Which brings me to today’s community question: take a film from the last 15 years, that went virtually unnoticed by all the major guilds (Academy Awards, SAG, Golden Globes, etc.) and put them in a lineup of that respective year.  It doesn’t stop there though, let us know who you are replacing from that lineup.  Try to select a film that would be in multiple categories for you, and I’d say make sure its your personal #1 of that respective year.  If the film received more than two Oscar nominations in that year, I’d also say choose something else.

For instance, this is mine:

2007 – “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford“*

BEST PICTURE – Replacing “Michael Clayton”
BEST DIRECTOR – Andrew Dominik replacing Jason Reitman for “Juno”
BEST ACTOR – Brad Pitt replacing Tommy Lee Jones for “In the Valley of Elah”
BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY – Andrew Dominik replacing “Away from Her” by Sarah Polley (tough choice!)
BEST ART DIRECTION – Richard Hoover & Patricia Norris replacing “The Golden Compass”
BEST COSTUME DESIGN – Patricia Norris replacing “La Vie en Rose”
BEST FILM EDITING – Curtis Clayton & Dylan Tichenor replacing “The Diving Bell & the Butterfly”
BEST ORIGINAL SCORE – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis replacing “The Kite Runner”

*film was nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Casey Affleck) and Best Cinematography.

Share your one year and film replacement in the comments below!