Warner Brothers reportedly wants Ben Affleck for a new ‘Batman’ Trilogy


ben-affleck-batman-vs-supermanThis very much just a rumor at this time folks, but apparently the powers that be over at Warner Brothers are very pleased with the job Ben Affleck has done so far as Bruce Wayne/Batman for Zack Snyder. Reports indicate that not only are they very high on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (due in large part to Affleck), they think that he’s going to be thought of as the “definitive Batman” and want to focus this DC universe more around the Caped Crusader than Superman, which is a bummer for the Man of Steel, I suppose. What’s more, not only is Affleck obviously getting his own stand alone Batman flick to make, WB wants him to do a trilogy as the Dark Knight of Gotham, at the very least acting in them, if not writing/directing as well. Obviously, this could just be the studio waiting to amp us all up for their big blockbuster and have Affleck interpretation of the character already iconic beforehand, but if so, this could be fairly interesting. I obviously like Affleck and think he could ace the role, so if he has, all the better. Stay tuned for lots more on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice between now and its release next year, and that’s putting it mildly…

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