Circuit Community: What TV Show Do Want as a Movie?

friends_tvshowThis year, HBO’s hit-show “Entourage” made the long journey from the show’s finale to the big screen.  The final product was mixed at best, but hardcore lovers of the show found their solace in certain moments.  TV shows attempt the feature film route, which are some times passable.  Look back at “X-Files: Fight the Future” as an example.  More often than not, it doesn’t always work out.

Today’s question for you all is this…what hit TV show, that’s no longer on the air, would you not mind seeing given the big screen treatment?

Listen, I acknowledge that this is never really a good idea.  Nostalgia can only go so far but as going on record many times stating that “Friends” is my single favorite show of all-time, I’d never object to seeing Rachel, Chandler (Happy Birthday Matthew Perry!), Monica, Phoebe, Joey, and Ross coming back together at the Central Perk to sip some coffee and bring along their kids Emma, Ben, and the triplets as teenagers (in some cases adults).  A lot could have happened in the past ten + years since Monica and Chandler moved to Westchester with their surprise twins, Phoebe and Mike decided to have kids, and Joey was left behind in his apartment (gearing up for the failed “Joey” right after).  Oh yeah, Ross and Rachel are back together.  You never know…

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