Venice 2015: Instant reactions to ‘Everest’

everestOf late, the opening spot at the Venice Film Festival has been a mark of quality, so perhaps it’s no surprise that Everest this week has continued that trend over at Venice 2015. While none of the earliest reviews have mentioned Baltasar Kormákur‘s film as an Academy Award player in the major categories (so this might not wind up being Jake Gyllenhaal‘s year like we initially thought), outside of perhaps Keira Knightley, but below the line Oscar could certainly take notice. Below you’ll see some of the first words on the movie, but stay tuned for lots more on it soon. The flick begins its theatrical run on September 25th, so sit tight. We’ll be climbing Everest soon enough…

Here’s a sample of what the pundits at Venice had to say about Everest:

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