‘The Big Bang Theory’ – 9.01: The Matrimonial Momentum


When we last left the lovable nerds, things we’re in turmoil. Leonard and Penny were on their way to Vegas to elope, but Leonard admitted a moment of infidelity when he was studying at sea. Meanwhile, back in Pasadena, Amy tells Sheldon that it is time for a break. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has never been a show with too many multi-episode plots, but the start to season nine, ‘The Matrimonial Momentum,’ makes it seem that the show’s four principles will be down in the dumps for a bit.

Things pick up in the waiting room of a Las Vegas wedding chapel, as Leonard and Penny awkwardly await their turn to get married, trying to put aside the elephant in the room and push through with the wedding. Sheldon calls Leonard to reveal that Amy has ended things and he goes declares that he is done with women and wants Leonard to do the same, though when he hears that Amy is upset that Leonard and Penny are eloping, he says “Your marriage is causing her pain? I take it back; do it. Yay love!”

When we finally get to the wedding, the rest of the gang ends up being able to watch it via live stream. As they watch it at Bernadette and Howard’s, Sheldon continuously interrupts and prods Amy about their current complicated relationship status – the reason why he had to force his way into the viewing party – until she finally officially declares that their relationship is over. This takes away from the wedding, which lacked any true ‘aw’ moment for characters who have had the main relationship through the entire series. Howard and Bernadette we’re right, their wedding totally won.

However, that very well could have been purposeful, because who knows how long Penny and Leonard’s marriage will actually last. After struggling to carry her across the threshold and some less than passionate kissing, Leonard admits that he still sees the women that he kissed because he works with her. This is too much for Penny as evidence when they return to their home, they each go into their individual apartments. They are married in name only, and we move into the next week unsure of what exactly will happen with them.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ is attempting to build some big drama in their ninth season, and the change actually might be what the show needed. Last season’s depiction of Leonard and Penny’s relationship raised more questions of why they should be together than answers, but now they will have a chance to bring them back together in a really nice, and hopefully interesting, way; there will certainly be a few more bumps in the road though as Melissa Tang is set to play the woman Leonard kissed next week. Plus, we may get a new kind of Sheldon as his emotions are clearly riled up. Will he fight for Amy?

Whether ‘The Matrimonial Momentum’ is a change of pace that we can expect moving forward to the ninth season remains to be seen, but if nothing else it provided an interesting start.

Here are some of the best jokes from this week’s episode:
Penny: We’ve put this off long enough. Leonard: Aw, that’s what you said the first time we slept together.

Sheldon (to Amy): We make everyone feel awkward, that’s out thing.

– Penny’s vows are a verse from ‘You Got A Friend in Me,’ and it tears Leonard up.

Sheldon: I’m swearing off women like I swore off Pop Rocks. They both just hurt you.

Leonard: I can’t believe I’m spending my wedding night with you. Sheldon: Really? I never imagined it any other way.