‘The Big Short’ jumps into 2015 and the Oscar race with a Trailer

bigshottrailerFinally, a twist has come to Oscar season 2015. It’s been a bit of a by the book start, but now we’ve got something that potentially will upend things in The Big Short. Originally set for a 2016 bow, this A-list adaptation of the Michael Lewis non-fiction book about the banking/financial crisis of the mid 2000’s and how some fought against it while others took advantage of it is now debuting at AFI Fest. Yes, that’s a big deal, especially since after that it will hit theaters around Christmas, more or less taking up the spot vacated recently by Snowden. Without question, this is a big show of support from Paramount for the flick, which also put out a Trailer today to coincide with the announcement. Adam McKay co-writes with Charles Randolph and directs his first shot at a drama (though it seems decently funny as well), while the huge cast consists of Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Melissa Leo, Brad Pitt, and more. Bale, Carell, and Gosling look like the standouts in this ensemble, so perhaps Best Actor and/or Best Supporting Actor just got a bit more crowded, which honestly wouldn’t be a bad thing. Could this film be the jolt of energy that this Academy Awards race needs? It’s possible, but we won’t know for sure until AFI in November. Until then, we’ll just have to go off of the admittedly good Trailer. Stay tuned for much more, as The Big Short is now opening in limited release on December 11th and going wide on December 23rd. Sit tight, as this could be something to really pay attention to…

Here’s the Trailer:

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