Box Office Report: “Hotel Transylvania” sequel hosts a record breaking September opening


  1. Hotel Transylvania 2 (Opening) – $47,500,000
  2. The Intern (Opening) – $18,225,000
  3. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (Week 2) – $14,000,000
  4. Everest (Week 2) – $13,090,000
  5. Black Mass (Week 2) – $11,510,000
  6. The Visit (Week 3) – $6,750,000
  7. The Perfect Guy (Week 3) – $4,750,000
  8. War Room (Week 5) – $4,275,000
  9. The Green Inferno (Opening) – $3,494,000
  10. Sicario (Week 2) – $1,770,000


  • Despite its Halloween theme, Hotel Transylvania has great luck in September. The first film broke the record in 2012 with $42.5M, beating 2002’s Sweet Home Alabama which had $35M. Now the sequel has reached $47.5M. The first’s lifetime domestic gross was over triple that with $148M so things are looking good for this spooky franchise.
  • The Intern‘s opening numbers are pretty much, actually exactly, the average of what Nancy Meyers usually hits, with her What Woman Want‘s $33M opening in 2000 being an outlier.
  • Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials takes quite a hit, dropping 53.8% compared to the first’s 46.4% drop in the second weekend. It’s grossed $51M total.
  • Despite a great opening weekend exclusively in IMAX 3D, Everest‘s expansion doesn’t hit expectations. It had a $13k theater average last week and now it’s shrunk to $4k, no doubt because of the format change but it shouldn’t be that much lower. It’s grossed $23M so far and it’s not looking too hopeful for hitting the desired $100M.
  • Black Mass takes quite a tumble as Everest sneaks ahead of it. It dropped 49.1% compared to say, other Boston crime dramas The Town, 34.5%, and The Departed, 29.2% in their second weekends. They were somewhat more acclaimed though. Mass has grossed $42M so far.
  • The Visit drops a relatively smooth 41.6%, grossing $52M so far, nearing 11x its budget of $5M. It’ll at least outgross After Earth‘s embarrassing $60M and The Happening‘s $64M.
  • The Perfect Guy grosses $48M domestic so far, which is 4x its budget of $12M.
  • War Room holds onto the top 10 with a modest drop of only 31.2%. It’s grossed a couple hundred bucks from $56M total on a $3M budget.
  • Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno, a film that premiered in the 2013 Toronto Film Festival, holds its own with a solid theater average of $2k. Way below Roth’s other openings of $8M for Hotel Part 2 and Cabin Fever, while the first Hostel hit $19M. Considering it’s not exactly the most accessible film to the mainstream, it’s good to reach the top 10 but it probably won’t next week.
  • Sicario again has an astonishing theater average of $30k as 53 theaters are added. We’ll see if that appeal stays strong when it’s released wide next week. It’s contending against The Martian and The Walk though, the latter of which is in IMAX only like Everest.


  • In other news, Pawn Sacrifice gets a little wider with another 748 theaters but it’s not enough to hit the top 10. It made just about $1M this weekend.
  • Roland Emmerich’s controversial Stonewall is released to 129 theaters to a pitiful $871 average. That’s 10% of what his tiny but slightly acclaimed Anonymous made. I mean we would say stick to blockbusters but it’s a rock and a hard place situation here.
  • China loves Rogue Nation as it’s made $131M there so far. It’s worldwide total is $673M which is only a doable $21M from beating Ghost Protocol if we rely completely on foreign markets.
  • Straight Outta Compton exits the top 10 as its begins its exit from cinemas but it’s made an excellent $160M domestic total so far. Awards prospects are certainly not out of the question.
  • Jurassic World was unable to cross from $650M to $651M domestic this week. Poor thing. Will probably end at the latter number rather than beating Titanic. Sorry Universal. Can’t catch a break can you?