‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap – 9.02: The Separation Oscillation



Had to catch this week’s episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ late, so just time for a quick recap.

The episode starts with Leonard unable to sleep on the night of his marriage due the problems with him and Penny. Penny comes over as she couldn’t sleep also and they wonder what they can do to fix the situation. Sheldon joins them and offers the suggestion of Penny making out with some one in some Hammurabi-style of justice. Sheldon willing offers himself in order to save his best friends marriage and plants a big old wet one on Penny… and then Leonard immediately wakes from his dream. Unfortunately, ‘The Separation Oscillation’ wasn’t able to shake its dream state in terms of bringing the laughter.

A subplot centered around Raj being upset at Howard for not telling him about Leonard and Mandy like they’re an old married couple was clichéd and rushed. On the flip side of that was Bernadette, who knew the whole time about Leonard’s make out session but had to be on the defensive around Penny so not to reveal the fact that she did know. Each subplot was nothing but quick throw-away scenes that added nothing to the episode overall.

Outside of the opening scene, this episode got a great guest spot from Melissa Tang as the freewheeling Mandy, who apparently isn’t as big a threat as Penny perceived, but did allow Leonard to realize that he may actually have been trying to sabotage the start of his marriage – heck, it beats paying for couples therapy. Then, Sheldon’s first solo episode of ‘Fun with Flags’ quickly deteriorates into a not so subtle Amy bashing, comparing their break-up to the break-up of Czechoslovakia.

Things wrap up with Penny and Leonard realizing that they were both still a little scared that they were not good enough for the other, but they both confess their love for each other and recommit to having this be a lasting marriage.

So, in 30 minutes one half of this season’s relationship plots introduced over the end of last seasons and this season’s premiere is wrapped up, leaving just Amy and Sheldon’s break-up. Hopefully now it can take more center stage as they can certainly get some more funny situations out of it. All in all, okay episode with a nice little ‘aw’ moment to bring Penny and Leonard’s relationship back to even ground, but the jokes were a little rushed and underdeveloped. On to next week.