Box Office Report: “The Martian” contends with “Gravity” for October record


(OCTOBER 2 – OCTOBER 4, 2015 estimates)

  1. The Martian (Opening) – $55,000,000
  2. Hotel Transylvania 2 (Week 2) – $33,000,000
  3. Sicario (Week 3) – $12,075,000
  4. The Intern (Week 2) – $11,620,000
  5. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (Week 3) – $7,650,000
  6. Black Mass (Week 3) – $5,905,000
  7. Everest (Week 3) – $5,510,000
  8. The Visit (Week 4) – $3,950,000
  9. War Room (Week 6) – $2,800,000
  10. The Perfect Guy (Week 4) – $2,400,000


  • The hotly anticipated and arguable Ridley Scott comeback The Martian taps Gravity‘s October opening record of $55.7M on the shoulder with an estimated $55M. It’s Scott and Matt Damon’s second best opening each, behind Hannibal‘s $58M and The Bourne Ultimatum‘s $69.2M respectively. It won’t be unrealistic to expect it to hit $700M worldwide, somewhere between Gravity‘s $723M and Interstellar‘s $675M.
  • Hotel Transylvania 2 demonstrates impressive resilience in its second weekend, dropping only 31.9%. It’s made $90.5M so far, which is $14M more than the first film had at this point.
  • Sicario does quite well in its expansion, considering it still has 700-1,200 less theaters than the rest of the top 5. It’s made $15M so far with expectations for solid legs to hit its $30M budget.
  • Something for everyone this week as The Intern only drops 34.5%. It’s earned $36.5M so far.
  • Maze Runner: Scorch Trials isn’t as lucky, dropping 46.4%. It’s earned $63M so far on a $61M budget.
  • Black Mass is similarly on the other side of its budget, half a $1M from that ideal half-way target. It’s earned $52M. Depp’s star power should get it to $70M at least which far outgrosses Scott Cooper’s other two films.
  • Everest is sliding down a slippery slope, dropping 58.3%. It’s made only $33M so far. Meanwhile, another film utilising the same release strategy is suffering from the approach. More on that shortly. However, it’s worth noting that Everest‘s international box office is strong, already crossing $100M.
  • The Visit has earned $57M so far and should settle somewhere between After Earth‘s $60M and The Happening‘s $64M. On a much lower budget, that’s a much more economical result.
  • War Room drops only a little bit again at 34%. It’s earned $60.5M so far.
  • The Perfect Guy drops much more with 49.7%, earning $52M so far.


  • In other news, peering inside the top 10 from a window is The Walk, a 3D IMAX release like Everest. It’s nowhere near as strong despite having a debatably stronger gimmick to warrant seeing it in that way. Perhaps it has weaker starpower. It made $1.5M compared to Everest‘s $7M. Maybe it’ll subvert Everest‘s pattern when it comes to wide release.
  • The Green Inferno, the Eli Roth film that somehow snagged on the top 10 last week, drops 63.4% earning $1.2M but at least it’s near $6M total, just over its $5M budget.
  • Shanghai, a John Cusack film from 2010, finally gets a U.S. release in 103 theaters to a very soft $26k.
  • Outside of The Martian, the documentary He Named Me Malala has the best theater average with $14k between just 4 theaters.
  • Julianne Moore and Ellen Page Oscar hopeful Freeheld opens in 5 theaters to a modest average of $8k. That’s $40k total for the lazy.
  • Weinstein adds 300 theaters to Southpaw at the last minute to try and boost a campaign and it didn’t really pay off. Probably because nobody knew about it. It earned $78k with a theater average of $259. Can’t really shake off the mediocre reviews.
  • Almost got through this article without mentioning Jurassic World. It’s still on $650M.