‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap – 9.03: The Bachelor Party Corrosion


It might have been a rocky start to Penny and Leonard’s marriage, but the first couple of episodes to the ninth season of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ could at least be credited with keeping things interesting, if not as funny as earlier seasons. However, the third episode of the season, ‘The Bachelor Party Corrosion’ is a flat and eerily similar road trip episode.

As the title suggests, this episode centers on the guys taking Leonard on his delayed bachelor party. The trip involves driving Noble Prize-winner Dr. Richard Feynman’s van down to Mexico to stay at his old beach house. However, the guys get a flat, get stranded in the desert and are eventually forced to traverse their way back to Pasadena without ever reaching their destination. Sound familiar?

big-bang-theoryIt should, it is almost the identical plot of the season six episode ‘The Bakersfield Expedition.’ Save for a couple of details like the car and their destination, the guys get stuck in the desert and lose their method of transportation. This time around they are forced to use science to try and fix the flat – in an odd and clichéd vignette of a number of scientific theories – with just a few jokes that are able to draw chuckles. The two most notable are Sheldon breaking out into Queen and the jump cut of Howard trying to melt the lug-nut off and the van catching fire.

Things weren’t that much better for the girls. What attempted to be a laid-back bachelorette party turned into confession time for Amy and Penny. Penny needed to tell her dad that she and Leonard eloped and Amy had to explain to her mother that she and Sheldon broke up. This led to Penny’s father explaining that he accidentally killed Penny’s pig – which we never knew she had – and Amy having to deal with her hyper conservative mother – who’ve we’ve never actually met.

It’s a step back for this season, which had at least attempted to set some new ground in its first two episodes. Here, it reverts back to a less dramatic affair and consequently leaves us bored. Hopefully, an episode will soon deal with a topic that Penny brought up early in this episode, Leonard moving out of Sheldon’s apartment.

Here are a couple (literally) of the best jokes from this week’s episode:

  • Amy: In the spirit of the bachelorette party I made cookies in the shape of male genitals. Penny: Whoa. Those are anatomical. Bernadette: Jewish and Gentile. Amy: I had extra dough.
  • Penny: When did this happen? Penny’s Father: 10-12 months ago. Penny: You didn’t tell me for a year? Penny’s Father: Yeah, guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.