‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap – 9.05: The Perspiration Implementation



Big night on Monday Night Football for a couple reasons: one, the new ‘Star Wars’ trailer, and two, my Eagles are playing. So it wouldn’t be surprising if many you missed this week’s ‘Big Bang Theory,’ but you should certainly catch up with it as it is one of the best of the early ninth season.

‘The Perspiration Implementation’ certainly didn’t look like it just from glancing the promos; the guys try fencing, it seemed like just another clichéd idea of having geeks play sports, but it’s what they did with it that was reminiscent of the strong early seasons, with a little more of the relationship developments of the latter.

The Perspiration ImplementationThe guys use a number of great pop culture/movie references while Barry Kripky is teaching them how to fence, including ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘The Princess Bride,’ ‘Star Wars,’ and even ‘Puss in Boots.’ The scenes flowed well and were each peppered with quick and effective jokes. It even included a sight gag of the guys doing what everyone would do, wildly swinging their swords at each other when Kripky’s back is turn. Pleasantly surprised at the well of jokes they were able to manage out of this scenario.

The subplot this week wasn’t as good, but it managed to eek out some good chuckles. The girls try and help Stuart how he can draw in more women to the comic book store, only to realize that the problem is him. After years of being the sad sack, they manage to get at least a few more laughs out of his pathetic nature.

Easily one of the funniest episodes of the year, it also managed to add some more developments to the Amy and Sheldon situation. Both Amy and Sheldon attempt to move on by asking people out, or being asked out. Sheldon fails miserably as he drunkenly (three sips of beer) asks out a few girls out, and Amy gets less than desirable requests from Stuart and Barry. It all culminated in a fantastic scene between Sheldon and Amy to close out the episode.

Ever since late last season ‘Big Bang’ struggled to balance the comedy and the relationship developments they were dealing with, but if this is a sign for what is to come, then it can certainly mean some good things even as it heads into its ninth year.

Here are some of the best jokes from this week:

  • Leonard: What are you saying? We are not coordinated enough to play sports? Penny: You twisted your ankle playing football. Leonard: I got a triple letter score with two Qs, if that’s not the time to bust out the scrabble dance, what’s the point of having one?
  • Leonard: This is easy. I didn’t need to wear a cup.
  • Leonard: I’m going to warn you that asking Amy out might be a bad idea. Sheldon: Barry, a word. Leonard: And now the crazy version of what I just said.
  • Penny: Don’t get offended, but what went wrong with you?