‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap: The Spock Resonance



After the last few weeks of ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ including last week’s episode I missed on first run :cry: , it is clear that the nine-year comedy is hitting a grove it hasn’t had in a while. This week’s episode, ‘The Spock Resonance’ managed to accomplish a lot in plot, honoring a sci-fi icon, and some gold old-fashioned laughs.

107265wb0816bThe episode begins with Sheldon learning that Wil Wheaton would like him to contribute to a documentary that Adam Nimony, the son of Leonard Nimoy, is making about his father. The interview process starts with a very warm and affectionate speech from Sheldon about what Nimoy’s iconic performance as Spock meant to him, including how his most prized possession is a signed autograph from Nimoy, which he keeps in a wall safe guarded by a security camera that Leonard and Penny didn’t know they had.

As the episode goes on however, they get away from Nimoy and focus on Sheldon as he reveals more things from his safe, including the engagement ring he intended to give to Amy. This is the first that Penny and Leonard are hearing about it and they are obviously shocked. However, Sheldon tries to insist that he has moved on, though he becomes upset whenever they bring it up. Not able to hide his emotions like his beloved Spock, Sheldon decides to resolve his and Amy’s relationship once and for all, by asking her to marry him. I’ll hold off on how that ended for just a minute.

Sheldon wasn’t the only one making potentially life-changing decisions this episode. As Bernadette attempted to convince Howard that it is time to redecorate Howard’s mother’s house, Howard and Bernadette’s dad discuss the possibility of children, in which Howard reveals that he is the one who wants them and Bernadette is the one hesitant. Howard attempts to convince her that he would be a great father because he knows what it is like to have a father who wasn’t there, and Bernadette says that she will think about it.

Now, back to Sheldon and Amy. Sheldon marches to Amy’s apartment to make his proposal, but before he can get there he sees Amy outside her building with another guy who she then kisses. After seeing this, Sheldon puts the rings back into his pocket and leaves defeated.

Jim Parson’s is doing a marvelous job this season with Sheldon’s character arc, and this was a gut-punch of an ending to an episode. When you’re able to fit a failed proposal, the possibility of a ‘Big Bang’ baby and a tribute to Leonard Nimoy while still fitting in a good number of laughs in 22-minutes, hats off to all involved.

Here are some of those laugh-inducing moments from this week’s episode:

  • Sheldon: This is a documentary about Mr. Spock. I’m sure if there is nudity it will be tasteful.
  • Bernadette: I’m changing everything that depresses me. Try not to be one of those things.
  • Howard: Can I say something? Bernadette: is it about how I can’t change the wallpaper because you’re dad left when you were a kid and your mom died? Howard: Never mind.
  • Sheldon (to Adam Nimoy): It’s not everyday that I get to meet someone whose life started in my hero’s scrotum.
  • Penny (after learning about the camera): Oh my god, we’ve done things on that couch. Sheldon: You don’t have to tell me.