Jennifer Jason Leigh to Campaign in Lead Actress for Her Voice Work on ‘Anomalisa’ from Paramount Pictures

anomalisa-trailerNot surprising in an awards season landscape when a performer has multiple films in contention.  It has been learned that Jennifer Jason Leigh, who has two roles in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming revenge western “The Hateful Eight” and Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson’s brilliant animated masterpiece “Anomalisa” will compete in two separate categories for the Academy Awards.

Already known Leigh will compete in Supporting Actress for her work in Tarantino’s film from the Weinstein Company.  To not interfere, she will campaign in Lead Actress for her voice work in Kaufman’s tender adult comedy.

Predicted to be a strong possibility for a Best Supporting Actress nomination, no one should sneeze at her stellar work in “Anomalisa,” a work that is a fully realized performance that stands tall next to other acclaimed voice performances in the past like Scarlett Johansson in “Her” or Ellen Degeneres in “Finding Nemo.”  It’s worth noting that the Academy has a serious bias towards voice performers, having never nominated one before.  Not even the Golden Globes or SAG committees have found one worth noting as of yet.  Hopefully we’re moving towards a more progressive Academy in the coming years, and one day soon, find one that can muscle its way past other “visible” performers.  Paramount will also campaign for the voice works of Lead Actor David Thewlis and Supporting Actor Tom Noonan.

“Anomalisa” will also contend in Adapted Screenplay, as it was previously a play written by Kaufman.  It has a strong possibility given his track record with the writer’s branch.  He managed to get a fictious person, Donald Kaufman, nominated alongside him for his work on “Adaptation.”  Kaufman was also nominated for penning “Being John Malkovich” and won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 2004’s “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

Other notable possibilities for the film include the infectious score by Carter Burwell and perhaps even Best Visual Effects by Derek Smith.

“Anomalisa” opens in theaters on December 30.