‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap – 9.08: The Mystery Date Observation



‘The Big Bang Theory’ jumped back into the dating world that was a large part of its first few seasons this week’s ‘The Mystery Date Observation,’ but with it’s most unlikely of suspects, Amy and Sheldon. The couple formerly known as Shamy have been trying to go their separate ways, and as tonight showed, us to varying degrees of no success.

The episode begins with Sheldon declaring that he is ready to find a new girlfriend after seeing Amy with her new boyfriend Dave. To do so, he calls upon Howard and Raj to help him, as they were the ones who helped him meet Amy. But Sheldon’s demands are too high and he doesn’t want to try any online dating sites, so the guys decide to create a Craig’s List post with puzzles for a prospective girlfriend to solve, and because Sheldon is impatient they put a time limit on it for later that night. No one comes until moments after the deadline passes and a beautiful women (Analeigh Tipton) knocks on the door, having solved all the puzzles, including translating Klingon to Sand Script. But she was late, so Sheldon shuts the door on her.

big-bang-theory-season-9-episode-8Believe it or not, Amy’s date with Dave went far worse. After finally revealing some details to Amy and Bernadette, the two and Leonard camp outside the restaurant to catch a glimpse of Amy’s new beaux (Stephen Merchant). With binoculars in tow, they stake out Amy’s date; the only thing they can’t do is hear them, which perhaps is a good thing because they would have only heard Amy’s groans.

Part way through the date Amy mentions Sheldon by name and Dave fanboys out over him. The rest of the date is him just asking questions about Sheldon, even going as far as if Amy could introduce them. This puts a damper on Amy’s night, only worsened by running into Penny, Bernadette and Leonard outside, with Dave once again going crazy over meeting Leonard. In the end, Amy decides to break up with Dave as he is clearly more interested in Sheldon than her.

It’s interesting to see Sheldon and Amy out on the market, and what they do or have done to them that we can only expect will bring them back together. But as far as the episode, it was save by the performances of Merchant and the brief but fun cameo of Tipton.

Here are some of the best jokes from this week:

  • Sheldon: I think of my time with Amy as a stick of fruit gum, sweet and enjoyable at first, but it ends in a lump of sadness.
  • Howard asks Sheldon how we would want to meet women – Sheldon: Perspective women weed themselves out in a battle to the death until the winner arrives at my door in joy and then sits quietly by while I watch ‘Daredevil.’
  • Howard (about the puzzles): If she can solve them it’ll prove that she is intelligent, tenacious and socially awkward enough to not have anything better to do on a Saturday night. Sheldon: She sounds perfect.
  • Leonard: Okay, we saw them, can we go see the move? Bernadette: Why’d you bring him? Penny: I had to, we’re married. Bernadette: I hear that.
  • Amy: You want me to introduce you to my ex-boyfriend? Dave: You’re right, that’s weird. I change my mind, do it.
  • Raj (in regards to the deadline): 60 seconds. Sheldon: One minute is a long time. Howard: I’ve been telling women that for years.
  • Sheldon: You seem like a special lady, but as you know, you’ve missed the deadline. So goodnight.