‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap – 9.09: The Platonic Permutation



We’re one week from Thanksgiving, so let the onslaught of holiday themed episodes begin. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ used this year’s Thanksgiving episode to continue the tough road back for Sheldon and Amy, make Howard help the needy, and see Leonard in orange lingerie, and that is something we just can’t un-see.

The episode begins with Sheldon needing to find someone to take his extra ticket to the aquarium’s Thanksgiving day feast that was originally meant for Amy. Everyone else has plans, so Sheldon decides that he should just give the tickets to Amy so she can use them. However, she suggests that they try going as friends.

To try and break the tension on the car ride to the aquarium, Sheldon composes a list of safe questions. Things eventually break down though and they ask each other how they are doing, and Sheldon specifically asks how her dating life has been. It’s uncomfortable not only for them, but kind of for us too with few genuine laughs to break the ice.

88adc593e2fb1f459c3f19828d9eMeanwhile, Bernadette, Raj, Emily (in her first appearance this season), and a reluctant Howard go volunteer at the soup kitchen. Howard initially doesn’t want to be there, but when they get stuck doing dishes he really doesn’t want to be there. That is until Elon Musk joins him and Howard gushes over him. The two exchange emails, so that’ll be interesting to see if that actually develops into a new plot line later in the year.

Penny and Leonard make dinner for everyone back at their apartment. Penny is unable to open Leonard’s iPad because she doesn’t know his passcode, which is his birthday. This gets them into a fight where Leonard tries to prove he knows everything about Penny, but takes it one step to far, revealing that he knows she hates a piece of lingerie he got her. Thing is, Penny only wrote that in her diary. To make up for it, Leonard tries to cheer her up by putting on said orange lingerie, and jokingly dance for her. Perfect time for Howard, Bernadette and Raj to walk in.

While the ride up certainly wasn’t much to write home about, when Sheldon and Amy arrive at the aquarium things click once again for these two and we are reminded why they work so well together as a couple. Amy admits that she misses that kind of time with Sheldon. This culminates in Amy calling Sheldon later that night and saying that she is ready to restart their relationship. It is Sheldon, however, who rebuts her this time, saying ‘I excel at many things, but getting over you wasn’t one of them. I think I need to just be your friend.

It’s a heartbreaking way to end the episode, which is honestly the only real positive thing to say about it. Howard’s complaints about helping the needy, and Emily and Bernadette’s reactions to them were the sole funny spots in the episode; and as often is the case these days, Penny and Leonard alone just offers very little interest. It certainly wasn’t a Thanksgiving episode to remember, except for the fleeting seconds before the credits rolled. Maybe they’ll have better luck with Christmas.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everybody.