Box Office Report: “Mockingjay” #1 for third straight week while “Krampus” pleasantly surprises at #2

(DECEMBER 4 – DECEMBER 6, 2015 actuals)
Last Weekend

  1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (Week 3) – $18,857,547
  2. Krampus (Opening) – $16,293,325
  3. The Good Dinosaur (Week 2) – $15,323,958
  4. Creed (Week 2) – $14,989,303
  5. Spectre (Week 5) – $5,523,358
  6. The Night Before (Week 3) – $5,029,045
  7. The Peanuts Movie (Week 5) – $3,571,554
  8. Spotlight (Week 5) – $2,800,008
  9. Brooklyn (Week 5) – $2,439,470
  10. The Secret In Their Eyes (Week 3) – $1,933,989


  • While Mockingjay Part 2 dropped a similar amount to Part 1 on the third weekend while still holding onto the #1 spot, that weak start does chop out a significant percentage of what it could’ve make in the grand scheme of the franchise. This was supposed to be a Billion Dollar Club contender and now it’s far from that. It’s grossed $227M in the U.S. and $524M worldwide so far.
  • Krampus beat the odds after the director’s previous film Trick ‘r Treat went straight to video, handedly earning back its budget of $15M. People are hungry for Christmas movies now when an indie film like this contends for the top spot.
  • Things are not looking great in Pixar. At least, this month. The Good Dinosaur could be its first film to not $400M worldwide or even break even (before the end of its release) since A Bug’s Life. Inside Out had stellar legs and maybe audiences will discover the film over Christmas when they’re turned away from sold out Star Wars screenings. It’s grossed $75M so far. Inside Out, though worth noting was of course a Summer release, grossed $185M by its second weekend.
  • Creed almost contended with The Good Dinosaur but continues a decent hold of 49.4% compared to the other drops of around 60%. It’s grossed $64M so far which pits it a little ahead of 2006’s Rocky Balboa.
  • It feels somewhat unfair to compare Spectre to Skyfall at this rate, which makes the latter’s stunning success more curious, but Spectre is already easily the second highest grossing Bond film with $184M, though far from Skyfall‘s $304M. Worldwide is similar, where it has $792M so far compared to Skyfall‘s $1.1B, but way ahead of Casino Royale‘s $599M.
  • The Night Before benefits a little from increasing holiday spirit, dropping only 40% on its third week, grossing $32M so far.
  • The Peanuts Movie makes way for The Good Dinosaur, dropping 63.4%. It’s grossed $121M so far but only an additional $12M in foreign markets.
  • Spotlight has a decent hold on its #8 spot, adding 83 theaters and dropping just 36.5%. It’s grossed $16M so far. If it does end up being the Best Picture winner, the lowest recent winners average out to be $40M, excluding The Hurt Locker. If it lives up to potential though, it’s looking to hang around theaters til early March to hit around that number.
  • Brooklyn is Spotlight‘s partner in crime for buzzy films pairing up in the top 10 yet again. They both have similar theater averages around $2.7k. It’s made $11M so far.
  • The Secret In Their Eyes just holds onto the top 10 for one more week over The Martian, but it has a shockingly low theater average of just $901. It’s grossed $17M so far.


  • In other news, Academy Award honorary recipient this year Spike Lee releases Chi-Raq to a relatively solid turnout. With a great theater average of nearly $4k between 300 theaters, the film’s modest $1.2M is a minor comeback since his hit Inside Man.
  • Weinstein adamantly doesn’t want too many people to see Carol, keeping it in 4 theaters again. It wins the theater average battle of the week with $36k, grossing $815k so far.
  • Meanwhile, The Danish Girl has a theater average of $26k between its 4 theaters, dropping from that $46k last week. Its grossed $350k so far.
  • Youth was released, also in 4 theaters, but to a much lesser average of $19.5k. It’s grossed $78k. In Italy where it screened from May to August, it made $6.8M. In France where it screened in September and October, it made $2M.
  • Macbeth also comes out to a fabulous 5 theaters. Little disappointing $13.9k average though. It’s grossed $69k. In the UK it’s grossed $4.2M and $7M overall from foreign markets.
  • Yeah of course Americans want to see A Royal Night Out, duh. It grossed $100k with a theater average of $658.
  • Only one more of these until Star Wars! Can’t come quick enough. In The Heart of the Sea next week.


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