Box Office Report: “In The Heart of the Sea” underperforms, “Mockingjay” #1 for fourth consecutive week

(DECEMBER 11 – DECEMBER 13, 2015 actuals)
Last Weekend

  1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (Week 4) – $11,413,316
  2. In The Heart of the Sea (Opening) – $11,053,366
  3. The Good Dinosaur (Week 3) – $10,314,223
  4. Creed (Week 3) – $10,121,137
  5. Krampus (Week 2) – $8,422,755
  6. Spectre (Week 6) – $4,133,702
  7. The Night Before (Week 4) – $4,045,109
  8. The Peanuts Movie (Week 6) – $2,687,489
  9. Spotlight (Week 6) – $2,508,853
  10. Brooklyn (Week 6) – $1,995,502


  • Just bring Star Wars on already. Sorry to disappoint my fan of this column, I haven’t had the time to do a thorough writeup this week so I’m just going to do drop percentages and grosses so far with brief comments. Next week will be much more fun. We’re gonna need bigger bulletpoints and many Star Wars images to cover the thumbnails.
  • Mockingjay drops 39.5%, earns $244M so far. Despite being an underwhelming entry to the franchise, this is the first time The Hunger Games has had 4 consecutive weekends on #1 since the very first one in 2012.
  • Breaking news: In The Heart of the Sea underwhelms. Warner Bros. still campaigning it more than Mad Max.
  • The Good Dinosaur drops 32.7%, earns $89M so far. Not looking good.
  • Creed drops 32.5%, earns $79M. Looking pretty good.
  • Krampus drops 48.3%, earns $28M. It’s already won its battle.
  • The Night Before drops 17.8%, earns $38M. Christmas time, mistletoe and wine.
  • Spectre drops 26.8%, earns $190M. $821M worldwide.
  • The Peanuts Movie drops 24.8%, earns $124M. Gunning for that animated feature nom.
  • Spotlight drops 10.4%, earns $20M. Gunning for that Best Picture win. Locked now?
  • Brooklyn drops 18.2%, earns $14M. Holds tight to its last sight of the top 10 before a different Domnhall Gleeson film bumps it off.


  • In other news, The Big Short hits a whopping $88k average between 8 theaters, earning $705k over the weekend.
  • Carol continues its speed with an average of $21k between 16 theaters. Crossed over the $1M marker.
  • The Danish Girl is struggling with an average of $10k over 24 theaters. It’s made $657k so far.


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