Box Office Report Update: “Star Wars” opening nearly $10M more than estimated $238M with $247M

I don’t usually do a Monday update when the actual numbers come in. A couple films shuffle and numbers may go up or down by a million dollars at most, but of course, The Force Awakens is a special case worth noting. Yesterday its estimated domestic opening weekend was $238M and now according to Box Office Mojo, the actual figure Disney is reporting is $247,966,675, beating Jurassic World‘s record set in June by nearly $40M. This also puts its theater average up to a staggering $59,982.

Now thanks to Box Office Mojo’s estimated ticket sales for their all-time adjusted list and the fact that we know from there that Jurassic World‘s total $652M equates to 79M tickets we can estimate that The Force Awakens sold around 29M tickets this weekend in the USA. That’s shy of 10% of all Americans.

While the actual international figures will take a long time to calculate accurately, that extra $9M has pushed the film to becoming the highest grossing worldwide opening, with its near $529M just beating Jurassic World‘s near $525M.

Now we eagerly await what creative artwork Universal will send to Disney to congratulate them on the record. Here’s what Marvel sent Universal when Jurassic World took over.

How many times have you seen or are you planning to see The Force Awakens?

What you do you think the film’s final gross will be?