OSCARS: 10 Films AMPAS Should Watch Over the Break

charlize-theron-mad-maxAs AMPAS members enjoy their holiday weekend, and venture off into this next week before New Year’s, many are sitting by their fireplaces, getting through their screener piles in order to fill out their Oscar ballots that will be in hand on 12/30.  There are quite a few we’re afraid not enough Academy members are popping in.   Enter: Awards Circuit.

As we have a complete list of what screeners went out this year, I’d like to offer ten films for AMPAS (and general movie-goers if you can) to watch over the break.  Maybe falling into the category, ” haven’t heard too much about” or simply not having enough time to get everything they can in, we ask you all to step outside your comfort zones,  Obviously, all of AMPAS belongs to different branches, but ALL are able to vote on Best Picture.  

Its always worth saying, the Academy Awards are an institution that represents the best in the industry.  If you are a member, please take this gift seriously.  Consider why you were asked to join in the first place, and the power you have to influence not only the industry but cinema lovers around the world.  We know you’re going to watch the “Spotlight’s,” “Carol’s,” and other great films that you should watch but its not all about what’s been nominated at the Globes, SAG, Critics Choice, etc..  It’s also not all about what your friend or colleague is in or has done.  It’s about ALL films and performances.