OSCARS: Ten Performances That the Academy Shouldn’t Overlook On Their Ballots

spotlight_openroadAs lovers of the Academy machine, we tend to feel they have their minds made up when the nominations for the Golden Globes and SAG are announced.  We hope that the critics awards tends to offer a few alternative choices but often, that’s never the case.  With the ten films that Oscar voters should consider, I felt it appropriate to cite ten performances that they should look towards for insightful, inventive choices on their ballots.

Some of these choices are viscerally drawing for an audience member or low-key in displaying emotions and perhaps even hiding what makes them so great upon initial viewing.  As time progresses, some of these will remain embedded within your mind.  I’ve chosen performances that haven’t been nominated for a Golden Globe, SAG, or Critics Choice award, in order to level the playing field.

Click through the gallery to see the ten: