Box Office Report: ‘Star Wars’ Moves Past ‘Titanic’ on the Domestic All-Time List


Star Wars: The Force Awakens has completed principal photography. ..#TheForceAwakens #StarWarsVII(January 1 – January 3, 2015 actuals)

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Week 3) – $90,241,673
2. Daddy’s Home (Week 2) – $29,205,583
3. The Hateful Eight (Week 2) – $15,706,645
4. Sisters (Week 3) – $12,760,730
5. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip (Week 3) – $12,071,523
6. Joy (Week 2) – $10,210,971
7. The Big Short (Week 4) – $9,060,303
8. Concussion (Week 2) – $7,846,281
9. Point Break (Week 2) – $6,817,641
10. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (Week 7) – $4,616,274

Wow. It did it. On its third weekend, The Force Awakens has overtaken Titanic and kissed the all-time record held by Avatar for domestic gross at an unprecedented pace. It took avatar 42 days to clear $700M. It took episode 7 just 17. Now with $742M total it’s a mere $18M from becoming America’s biggest movie, which will probably happen today, if not tomorrow. Is there any need to note the records it’s demolished? This is setting the bar. If it does end up making another $200M, it’ll be in the top 10 adjusted list, where the latest film besides Titanic is 1982’s ET. It’s already nearly in the top 20. As expected, the international gross is matching the domestic number grossing $1.512B so far placing it just behind Furious 7 in the worldwide list at #6. I’m sure it’s beaten it and Avengers at #4 by the time I’ve finished this sentence.

Oh yeah, other films exist. Daddy’s Home continues to do well in Star Wars’ shadow and that $29M would be respectable even on a first weekend any other time of year. It only dropped 24.6% and it’s made $93M so far.

The Hateful Eight finally goes wide after the hit and miss roadshow to 2.4k theatres with a solid average of $6k. It’s grossed $29M so far, should squeeze it’s way towards $100M but not the same success as Basterds and Django.

Sisters really has a remarkable hold in spite of the tepid reviews. Dropping just 10.1% on the third weekend, it’s grossed $62M so far. Already a big success.

That said, Road Chip dropped a chipmunk sized 8.2% and it’s grossed $67M so far. No doubt there’s a bigger discrepancy between their budgets. Looks like it paid off for Sisters to open next to Star Wars but not the family movie.

Joy drops the hardest this week, but the 40% wouldn’t be too bad if it was any other time. There are two Jennifer Lawrence films in theatres after all. It’s grossed $38M so far.

The Big Short continues an admirable wide run, especially as it’s on half the theatres as everything else but Hunger Games and Hateful Eight. It dropped 14% and it’s grossed $33M, outstepping Best Picture frontrunner Spotlight. Can it take over in that race? Weird that we’re looking at this and not Joy though.

Concussion drops a steady 25.4% and has grossed $25M so far. Seems unlikely to double the $35M at this point especially as it’ll have very limited international appeal, unless other country’s like watching a fatal flaw in America’s culture.

Point Break remake drops (or skydives, I’d like to say if the number was more dramatic) 30.2% and has grossed $22M so far. Inexplicable budget of $105M though.

Mockingjay continues to latch onto the top 10 on it’s 7th week in spite of some kind of nearby Star War. It dropped 12.5% and has grossed $274M so far and $635M worldwide.

In other news, not much news as it’s the last weekend of the year which has mostly been all about The Hateful Eight’s expansion. However, Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa has finally seen the light of day for an awards qualifying run in 4 theatres. Kickstarter backers (including myself, look for me in the credits!) funded $400k and the total budget ran to $8M. Here’s hoping it can reach the 8 figures that the more expensive and ambitious Synecdoche New York couldn’t manage or it’ll be another 7 years til we see a Kaufman. Anomalisa made $135k this weekend with an average of $33k, but was released earlier in the week making it’s total $210k so far. Fingers crossed, go see it when you can.

The Revenant remains in 4 theatres and drops a tiny 5.6% with a staggering average of $111k for a second weekend. It’s made $1.3M so far, but will be hoping for 100x that to hit it’s budget. It’s a brutal film so we’ll see if audiences at large embrace it. Fox will be counting on it being the film Leo won for so it can sell DVDs til it goes out of style.

Creed manages to push passed $100M domestically. Cue victory lap.