Best of 2015: Who and What SHOULD Be Given Oscars for the Year!

The 2015 Year-in-Review continues as I’ve already weighed in with the Top 10 films of the year along my personal ballot.  It’s now time to take those nominations and name a winner, films, performances, and craftsmen I would award for their extrordinary work.

Click through the gallery to see all the winners below:

markruffalo_spotlightBEST ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE – Mark Ruffalo in “Spotlight”
RUNNER UP: Sam Elliott in “Grandma”

samelliott_grandmaIts hard to pin point when the brilliance of Mark Ruffalo was fully realized.  Some can say his work in “You Can Count on Me,” some may say either “The Kids Are All Right” or “Foxcatcher.”  Either way, Ruffalo tops them all with his breathtaking and astounding turn in Tom McCarthy’s as Mike Rezendes, and in one scene, delivers a masterclass on acting as passion and heartache oozes from his skin.  On the other side, right behind him is the fragrant and one-two punch of Sam Elliott in Paul Weitz’s “Grandma.”