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WATCH: First Trailer for Jodie Foster’s ‘Money Monster’ with George Clooney and Julia Roberts

money monsterFor those of you who don’t remember, Money Monster was at one point poised to be a potential 2015 awards contender. Obviously, that didn’t come to pass, as Jodie Foster‘s latest directorial outing was given a March 2016 release date, making the majority of us assume that this won’t be anything to predict, Oscar wise. Well, a Trailer has dropped for the thriller, and while I still don’t think it’ll do much in terms of Academy love next year, it does seem to be pretty solid looking. George Clooney stars as a financial guru on television who is taken hostage during his show by a man who lost everything due to a bad investment. Jack O’Connell has that juicy part, while Julia Roberts is also in the cast as the show runner. Clooney and especially O’Connell look strong here (the latter will get the monologues that could elicit tears, manipulative as they might be), with special mention going to the second half of the Trailer. Basically, once you hear the Bruce Springsteen song Devils and Dust come on, things pick up. Money Monster is written by the trio of Alan DiFiore, Jim Kouf, and Jamie Linden, in case you were wondering. Look for more on this one before it comes out on March 31st, but take a look at the Trailer below…

Here’s the Trailer for Money Monster:

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