SUNDANCE Preview: Felix van Groeningen’s Boisterous BELGICA, Opening Night Film of World Narrative Competition

The Musically Propelled Rise and Fall of One Glorious Nightclub By Academy Award-Nominated Felix van Groeningen Is Opening Night Film of the World Dramatic Competition
A propulsive, music-driven tale of the rise and fall of the glorious life of an incredible (albeit ficticious) nightclub, BELGICA – directed by Academy Award® nominee Felix van Groeningen (BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN) is at the heart of it the story of two brothers: charismatic and temperamental Frank and gentler, one-eyed Jo. After the death of their estranged father, Frank uses his somewhat unsavory connections in the music world to help transform Jo’s newly purchased dive bar, Belgica, into the most successful nightspot in town, full of great music, beautiful people and debauched fun. Lost in the constant beat of the club, they learn that running a business on this scale is more complicated than they realized, and their relationship and personal lives suffer. In his precisely crafted, fast-paced BELGICA, van Groeningen bathes the screen in golden hues and kinetic energy, using the eclectic sounds of acclaimed Belgian band Soulwax to create an immersive experience of the excess and euphoria of being at an unsustainably epic party – and then witnessing the precise moment when the party starts to crash. 127m.

Watch the international trailer: