Box Office Report: “The Revenant” appropriately survives the snow and lands on top of a quiet weekend


(JANUARY 22 – JANUARY 24, 2016 estimates)
Last Weekend

  1. The Revenant (Week 5) – $16,000,000
  2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Week 6) – $14,257,000
  3. Ride Along 2 (Week 2) – $12,960,000
  4. Dirty Grandpa (Opening) – $11,525,000
  5. The Boy (Opening) – $11,260,000
  6. The 5th Wave (Opening) – $10,700,000
  7. 13 Hours (Week 2) – $9,750,000
  8. Daddy’s Home (Week 5) – $5,270,000
  9. Norm of the North (Week 2) – $4,100,000
  10. The Big Short (Week 7) – $3,500,000


  • As noted by Box Office Mojo, this weekend is hard to judge due to the blizzard on the East coast. It does have an effect, this weekend is down 27% compared to last year – though American Sniper‘s incredible January performance in 2015 contributes to this gap. It isn’t fair to compare the drops, but it’s certainly worth noting which films audiences considered most reliably great to trek out to see and total grosses so far. The Revenant rules this weekend on its 5th week. Grossing $119M so far, it’s almost grossed more than all of Inarritu’s films put together – adjusted (when it reaches $125M then it’s official). Leo’s star power reigns.
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens is edging towards what will be a monster $900M domestic total. It’s at $879M so far. Where’s the limit on this thing? Can it make it to a billion? It’s nearly at $2B worldwide so far, crossing $1.9B.
  • Ride Along 2 drops expectedly, but has a similar theater average to the above pair. It’s grossed $59M so far, which is over $15M behind the first film.
  • It’s difficult to compare the performance of Dirty Grandpa to what it would be with clearer skies, but it’s an underperformance compared to Robert De Niro’s The Intern and especially Zac Efron’s Neighbors. It’s a miracle compared to Efron’s We Are Your Friends from last summer.
  • The Boy already brought in its $10M budget. Score for them.
  • Oh another youth adult sci-fi romance thing with probably many unresolved plot threads. It seems unlikely The 5th Wave will see a 6th Wave with those numbers.
  • 13 Hours has grossed $33M which remains chump change for Michael Bay.
  • Daddy’s Home is now up to a pretty impressive $138M.
  • Norm of the North remains in the list by virtue of not enough films to push it out, but it’s grossed $14M so far.
  • With its PGA win, it’s looking more and more likely that The Big Short may spoil Spotlight and The Revenant‘s day. Poor Steve Golin (producer of both of those two films). It’s done well to stay in the top 10 and might even linger around for longer if it continues to gain major awards momentum. It’s grossed $56M so far.


  • In other news, not much. Room had its biggest weekend ever by finally having the confidence to add over 500 theaters. It made $1.4M and its total is rearing towards $8M.
  • Even so, Best Picture hopeful Spotlight dropped just 16.5%, making $1.3M. It’s grossed $32M so far.
  • Brooklyn added another 200 theaters and made $1.6M. It’s grossed $27M so far. Next weekend will be more eventful, probably.


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