Box Office Report: “Kung Fu Panda 3” outruns all new releases while “Revenant” and “Force Awakens” hold strong


(JANUARY 29 – JANUARY 31 2016, estimates)
Last Weekend

  1. Kung Fu Panda 3 (Opening) – $41,000,000
  2. The Revenant (Week 6) – $12,400,000
  3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Week 7) – $10,782,000
  4. The Finest Hours (Opening) – $10,327,000
  5. Ride Along 2 (Week 2) – $8,345,520
  6. The Boy (Week 3) – $7,894,000
  7. Dirty Grandpa (Week 2) – $7,575,000
  8. The 5th Wave (Week 2) – $7,000,000
  9. Fifty Shades of Black (Opening) – $6,186,648
  10. 13 Hours (Week 3) – $6,000,000


  • Hey kids, there’s another movie to watch besides Star Wars now. Kung Fu Panda 3 performs terrifically for a January release, handedly doubling the animated record and nearly touching Ride Along‘s all-time record of $41.5M, but it falls a little short of the previous films in the franchise as the first managed $60M and the second $47M.
  • The Revenant is the film benefiting the most from awards season hype, with a very solid hold, dropping just 22.5%. It’s made $138M so far and $136M in the international markets so with a budget of $135M we can say it just about broke even. It’s also now made more than all of Inarritu’s films put together, adjusted. We should be looking at a pretty $400M worldwide which is pretty much the best case scenario. Could a win at the DGAs (and maybe BAFTAs) score it a Best Picture win? For now, the odds are more in The Big Short’s favour.
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens is probably enjoying the last weekend with 8 figures. There will be a few with 7 figures, at least until the DVD release. For now we are $5M from the incredible benchmark of $900M. How much further will it get? If it gets to $950M, then it’ll officially be one of the 10 most seen films of all-time when the ticket prices are adjusted. However, it’s still $200M worldwide shy of crossing over Titanic.
  • The Finest Hours pretty much did the same as In The Heart of the Sea did last month. Ocean-set films are not doing since Life of Pi raised the bar.
  • Ride Along 2 has a solid drop of just 33% but it’s not good enough on a weekend like this. Granted, these small drops are after large drops from last week’s snowstorm. It’s grossed $70M so far, which pretty much puts it a week behind what the first film managed by its third week. It may break $100M.
  • The Boy is doing well for what it is, dropping 26.8%. It’s grossed $21M which is a touch over double its $10M budget.
  • Dirty Grandpa is relatively plummeting. It’s made just $22M. Slap on the wrist for De Niro.
  • The 5th Wave isn’t gathering much of a fanbase. It’s grossed just $20M on a $38M budget.
  • Fifty Shades of Black underwhelmed despite heavy marketing. It can’t create the same hysteria as the film it’s parodying. It apparently had a budget of $5M anyway so it’s not the biggest deal.
  • 13 Hours hops itself up to $42M but it’s a disappointment to the $50M budget.


  • In other news, it has to be noted the stunning drop delivered by Brooklyn. Just nothing. 0.3%. It’s made $30M which is pretty great for a Sundance film considering Whiplash was 2014’s biggest success story with $13M.
  • Room is finally up to the level of Brooklyn and Spotlight (unlike Carol and The Danish Girl), raking in over $1M a weekend now. It dropped 8.8% and it’s made very nearly $10M now.
  • Spotlight meanwhile dropped 12% and it’s made $34M so far.
  • Meanwhile, Best Picture hopeful The Big Short is exiting cinemas and has made $60M so far. A drop of 5.6% is telling to its appeal though. What will the public think if it wins?
  • Jane Got A Gun finally sees release after spending the majority of 2014 making the headlines for its tumultuous pre-production. With little marketing and a theater average of $664 across 1.2k theaters, the $800k is really pitiful. With Carol and The Hateful Eight underwhelming, Weinstein can’t catch a break.
  • The 2016 Oscar Nominated Short Films ran in 112 theaters this weekend and grossed $505k. I wonder how that money is distributed among the filmmakers.


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