‘Gravity’ Screenwriter Jonas Cuaron Set to Direct New Zorro Film ‘Z’

jonas cuaron

Jonás Cuarón, co-writer of “Gravity” and director of “Desierto,” has signed on to write and direct the latest Zorro film, “Z.” Lantica Media and Sobini Films, the producers of the film, announced the news Thursday.

The Wrap reports that specific details on the film are being kept under wraps, however, the film will present a new, modern take on the legendary swashbuckling character. Veteran CEO and producer of Sobini Films, Mark Amin, says Cuarón’s film “Desierto” is what compelled him to hire the writer/director. “When I saw ‘Desierto,’ I was impressed with Jonás’ command of action and suspense, his great visual eye, and the strong performances he elicited from his actors,” he says.

Lantica Media CEO Antonio Gennari agrees, saying, “We are very fortunate to have Jonás on this film. His love of cinema is evident in his work and he is very talented in his ability to tell a compelling story. We look forward to seeing where his vision will take us.”

The film is slated for production this summer in the Dominican Republic. Casting news related to the film has not yet been released.

This is not the first time in recent years Hollywood has attempted to bring the masked swordsman back to the big screen. Four years ago, Fox attempted a post-apocalyptic version of Zorro’s tale, which was supposed to star Gael Garcia Bernal. That project has yet to materialize.

The Zorro character has seen 11 film adaptations in the last 90-plus years in the US alone. Mexico and Europe have also made films starring the iconic character. In addition to this reboot, Sony is reportedly planning a “Django Unchained” and Zorro crossover film, as well as a “Dark Knight”-style version with a new background for the character.

Zorro was most recently played by Antonio Banderas in 1998’s “The Mask of Zorro” and its 2005 sequel, “The Legend of Zorro.”