Oscars: 10 Actors and Actresses Still Searching for their Second Nomination


Oscar week continues with a look at some of the best actors and actresses who are desperately seeking their second Oscar nomination after being welcomed into the club some time ago.

If we look back at others that used to fit this criteria, you can pull out names like Marion Cotillard, who was striking out countless times after her winning performance in “La Vie en Rose” in 2007.  By the looks of some of these candidates, you may find some wiggle room for them to capture their second nomination in the future, but some have things stacked against them.  Others, are working relentlessly hard to ensure their light doesn’t dim.

Check out the ten names down below:

harrisonford10. Harrison Ford

Last Oscar Nomination: “Witness” (1985)

Films Passed Over For: “The Mosquito Coast” (1986), “The Fugitive” (1993), “42” (2013)

Harrison Ford has been a movie star through and through since he shot “Greedo” (and he did shoot first!) in the bar in George Lucas’ “Star Wars” in 1977.  With that new found stardom, he stepped into another franchise playing the adventurous Indiana Jones, arguably delivering an Oscar-caliber turn in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”  The stars aligned for him in 1985 as policeman John Book in Peter Weir’s Oscar-nominated “Witness.”  Losing to the great William Hurt in “Kiss of the Spider Woman,” the world waited patiently for his return to the Oscar ceremony.  The Academy never found their wits to go back to the rugged star, even when he utlizes his star power in Andrew Davis’ taut thriller “The Fugitive.”  At that age now where they’ll either go “sentimental” in an eye-popping supporting turn (which I thought they may do in 2013’s “42”) or he may go down the road of an Honorary Oscar.  With “Blade Runner” slated for 2018, it doesn’t look like he’s going to have too many opportunities left but a role in Justin Chadwick’s upcoming “Official Secrets” opposite Gillian Anderson, Anthony Hopkins, and Paul Bettany may have something in store for him.